SuperKlean Industrial Water Nozzles

SuperKlean’s Extensive Line of Industrial Spray Nozzles for any Hot Water Application


SuperKlean Washdown Products has been a leading supplier of plant and factory sanitation equipment for over 30 years. Their most extensive product line, industrial spray nozzles, has various shapes and sizes of heavy duty hose nozzles for every application. These industrial spray nozzles are manufactured with a special rugged design, mandatory for extensive factory and plant use. These heavy duty hose nozzles are often used to spray hot water at high pressure during multiple shifts each day to meet industrial sanitation standards. SuperKlean hot water nozzles can be found in the production plants and factories of the most renowned food companies worldwide, including Nestle, ConAgra, Frito-Lay, Exxon, Campbell’s, Del Monte, Coco-Cola, Kraft, Pepsi, Kroger, Hershey, Foster Farms, Heinz, Pfizer, and dozens of other famous companies.

Our SuperKlean DuraFlow spray nozzle is our top of the line, full feature industrial hot water nozzle favored in steam applications. The DuraFlow nozzle’s safety-first design features SuperKlean’s specially designed cover material and ergonomic front trigger-guard that keeps employees safer during operation and protects against accidental spraying if the nozzle is dropped. The heavy duty stainless steel construction of these hot water nozzles includes a 4 position trigger-locking mechanism allowing for variable spray patterns, ranging from fan to solid streaming. DuraFlow nozzles also provide drip-free automatic shutoff capabilities and can be easily adjusted to lower flow with SuperKlean’s flow restrictor quick attachment. SuperKlean also offers 1.5’ nozzle wands with quick attachments to the DuraFlow nozzle. Try the DuraFlow nozzle for a safe and comfortable hot water washdown.

The DuraFlow Mini Spray nozzle is SuperKlean’s lightweight compact version of the DuraFlow nozzle for less rigorous applications. The DuraFlow Mini nozzle weights about half of the full-sized DuraFlow nozzle, yet its performance and durability in high temperatures is not compromised.


The DuraSpray industrial and commercial hot water nozzle is designed for hanging applications. This industrial spray nozzle is commonly found over sinks and production lines to spray hot water from overhead mounts. These applications include meatpacking and meat preparation, dairy processing, oil refinery applications, and commercial restaurant and kitchen. DuraSpray industrial spray nozzles has a locking device to prevent accidental spraying and variable spray patterns adjustable by the amount of pressure applied to the trigger mechanism. This nozzle is perfect for any industrial or commercial setting.

The Standard SuperKlean nozzle is used by many of the world’s largest food, beverage, and pharma plants and factories as their #1 choice in industrial spray nozzles. The Standard nozzles are available with brass, stainless steel, or adonized aluminum construction and are designed to excel in harsh, hot, and chemical environments. These heavy duty hose nozzles are long lasting and durable with rear mounted levers to reduce hand fatigue and offer smooth lever action to minimize the rigors of hours of usage.


The Standard Lite nozzle is the compact version of our Standard nozzle. Despite weighing a mere 1.25 lbs, this Lite nozzle provides up 96% of the flow rate of its larger sibling, the SuperKlean Standard nozzle. Our Standard Lite nozzle has the same, heavy duty industrial strength and rugged features that hundreds of the world’s largest industrial plants and factories worldwide have come to expect from SuperKlean. If you have an application that requires a reliable, lightweight hot water nozzle, the SuperKlean Standard ‘Lite’ nozzle is a perfect choice.

SuperKlean’s Thermosmart nozzles feature easy to read, fully digital readouts that change color depending on temperature, providing instant feedback to the operator without having to modify spray positioning. In addition, these digital readouts are built to withstand years of heavy usage without degrading or breaking. This nozzle is especially helpful for applications that require varying washdown temperatures or processes. The Thermosmart nozzle is designed with similar construction as the Standard nozzle and features the same long lasting durability and reliability consistent with all SuperKlean hot water nozzles.


SuperKlean is a well-known and trusted supplier to Fortune 1000 companies and strives for continuous improvement of their full line of washdown products, ensuring their heavy duty industrial nozzles, adapters, and other washdown products are equipped for long-lasting functionality in environments that demand continuous operation and trusted performance. Please visit to find the industrial spray nozzle that is right for you or give SuperKlean a call directly at 650-375-7001 to learn more.

SuperKlean LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards Make Industrial Hot Water Hoses Last Longer!

SuperKlean Hot Water Sanitation Hoses with LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards Fixes Age-Old Factory and Plant Problem


For over two decades, SuperKlean customers have been telling us that their hot water hoses most often break right at the ends, both near the hose barb/nozzle or right next to the mixing station hot water hose connection. If fact, thousands of factories regularly cut off the ends of their hoses, then either send them out for a new hose barb adapter to be attached or buy inhouse hose equipment so the Maintenance Department can rework these hoses in-house. No matter the method, this hose wearing at the ends of the hose adds considerable cost to the money spent on hot water industrial hoses each year. Often, factories and plants think it is cheaper to just order new replacement hoses, more often. Essentially, they don’t get the full life span of otherwise still useful hoses! 

Several years ago SuperKlean came up with the answer – a lightweight, internal and bendable stainless steel spring that is mounted directly to the hose barb, inside the hose. With this feature, sharp edges of the hose barb do not cut into and wear down the internal ends of these hot water hoses. 

Industrial hot water hoses, like SuperKlean’s own extensive brand tend to be quite heavy and very hard to bend when cold. When hot water, normally between 120 degrees and up to 170 degrees, flow through the hoses, they become very soft and pliable. Factory workers have to pull and drag on these hoses, creating internal pressure points at both hose barb ends of these heat-softened hoses. Constant scraping of the hose barb inside the hose grinds into the one or both ends of the hoses, creating the weak points that dictate constant replacement, waste, and undue costs to these factories and plants.

With SuperKlean’s ingenious LifeSpan Internal Hose Guard, there is no weak link created at the ends, allowing the hose to last much, much longer, using up the entire natural life of the hose. 

Multiply these savings on hose replacements and repairing by the up to dozens of hot water sanitation hoses many factories need to use, and it is easy to see the thousands of dollars on industrial hot water hose costs that can be saved each year. Also, there is the added cost of labor and the additional cost of downtime of having to purchase new or reworked hoses.

SuperKlean LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards are built at SuperKlean’s factory, using the same, high quality SuperKlean Hose Barb Adapters, the best available in the industry. Factory and plant workers don’t even feel the miniscule added internal hose guard weight (about 3.6 ounces cumulative for both ends. Factory and plant Maintenance and Safety Managers no longer have to worry about weakened hoses and constant replacements of their hot water industrial sanitation hoses. 

SuperKlean LifeSpan Hose Guards are just a small fraction of cost to hot water hoses, and yield enormous savings year over year when compared to normal hoses without internal hose guard protection.

Please call SuperKlean today for information on cost and how to purchase SuperKlean LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards. As with our entire line of industrial hot water sanitation equipment, our hose guards are always available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery. They can either be built into SuperKlean’s full line of branded hoses, or available from one of our hundreds of Authorized Distributors across the globe. 

Call SuperKlean at 1-800-769-9173, or 650-375.7001. Visit to find detailed information on our LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards, or our full line of the world’s finest hot water sanitation equipment for industrial and commercial applications. 

Hose Swivel Adapters Designed for Ultimate Hose Safety and Extended Life

Technology Overview - Hose Swivel Adapters

The quality and designed-in safety of swivel connector hose barbs for hot water washdown nozzles is a critical component to insure the assembly of the absolute best hot water hoses. Hose swivel adapters, often also called hose shanks, vary greatly in quality and ability to withstand heavy usage in factories and plants worldwide.

The best standard swivel adapters for connection to hot water nozzles incorporate advanced O- ring designs, versus traditional C-ring construction found on many of today’s swivel hose barb adapters. While it is less costly to manufacture swivel connectors with C-ring designs, it is proven that O-ring designed swivel hose fittings last considerably longer and are much less prone to becoming loose and leaking unwelcome water onto factory or industrial plant floors.

Increasingly, the Food & Drug Administration is requiring that food and beverage processors, along with most other industrial plants and factories, keep their floors and production areas devoid of standing water. These wet areas are where the worst pathogens, including bacteria and viruses thrive. It is critical that all hot water and steam connections in a factory are kept ‘leak-free,’ and SuperKlean is at the forefront of this initiative.

SuperKlean Washdown Products has been making swivel hose shank adapters for almost 3 decades. As part of our ‘Continuous Improvement’ philosophy, we moved away from our original C-ring design to O-rings on all of our swivel hose barb adapters almost two decades ago. Be sure to choose swivel hose barbs with O-ring construction.

Another important factor for exceptional swivel hose barb design is the length of the actual hose barb. All SuperKlean swivel hose barb adapters are designed with extra-long 2.25” barbs, making room on the barb for hose distributors and fabricators to ‘double-band’ their hoses. This two-band fabrication technique insures a more solid connection that will not slip or leak over time, due to heavy usage in production areas.

SuperKlean also sells a complete line of ball swivel hose adapters with the same O-ring and extra-long hose barb features. SuperKlean was the first company to introduce the ball swivel fittings to the washdown market, we are the most popular version available. Renown for the fact that our ball swivel adapters do not leak. These multi-axis swivel adapters are extensively used to reduce operator fatigue by allowing natural wrist movement and reducing the need to drag and reposition heavy hot water hoses during the washdown process. All SuperKlean custom-assembled hoses feature our own standard and ball swivel adapters, with expert double-banding and next day shipments that SuperKlean is famous for.

The best engineered heavy-duty hot water hoses and industrial washdown nozzles are designed to help protect workers, while being rugged enough to constantly handle extremely hot water used during washdown. SuperKlean Washdown Products has also designed a full line of the industry’s most popular hot water nozzles to help guard against industrial worker injury and accidental spraying, while reducing fatigue.

For more information on SuperKlean’s full line of hose swivel adapters, or SuperKlean’s extensive line of exceptional washdown products, please call 800-769-9173.

Please visit where you can view our complete catalog and product details, or call SuperKlean technical support today for help in choosing the specific products best for your application.

Why Combining Face Shields and Face Masks May be the Better Solution for Workers

Why Combining Face Shields and Face Masks May be the Better Solution for Workers


For millions of Americans, face masks quickly became part of regular daily attire as officials stressed the need for PPE. However, health officials and experts now are stressing that masks are not sufficient, instead advocating for the use of full safety face shields. Why? Face shields offer far more protection to all areas of the face, greatly minimizing the risk of accidentally contaminating yourself by rubbing your eyes or adjusting your mask, which often happens unconsciously with extended mask wear. While wearing surgical-type face masks can protect others from your saliva, the lack of full coverage still leaves your face extremely vulnerable. Studies have shown that respiratory viruses not only enter the body through the nose and mouth, but through the eyes as well.

Simple face masks unfortunately have some shortcomings. With itchy or ill-fitting masks, people are far more inclined to touch their face or adjust their mask, defeating the purpose of protective wear. If people are not used to continuously wearing facial coverings, they often tend to touch their face and eyes.

This is not to say that masks are ineffective, but they can become infinitely more effective with the combined with the use of face shields.

Safety face shields cover the entire face without actually coming into contact with the majority of the face. A comfortable foam headband positions the shield at a slight distance from the face, eliminating any uncomfortable or irritating contact and reducing the urge to touch your face.

A plastic shield offers a more extensive layer of filtration that masks cannot. When paired together, face masks and face shields form effective barriers against the inhalation or landing of any droplets through the nose, mouth, or eyes. Employees who work in close quarters or regularly come into contact with others in the workplace should wear full face shields if not protected by other measures such as plexiglass barriers.

Unfortunately, the surge for PPE has left many workers without adequate protection, thus putting themselves at risk every day as the core functioning members of society.

As a company founded on promoting sanitary practices and providing the best factory and plant sanitation products, SuperKlean understands the need for these workers to be safe. Face shields, in conjunction with masks and gloves, can not only offer proper protection, but also provide a little peace of mind.

For over 3 decades, SuperKlean has been the leader in best sanitation equipment and practices. Let us help you be safe!