Do mixing stations come with hose and/or nozzle or are they sold separately?

SuperKlean mixing stations, hoses, and nozzles are sold separately.

How can I calculate the output flow rate and steam consumption of my DuraMix 8000 hose station?

Please download this Flow Rate and Steam Consumption Calculator to calculate your hot water flow rate and steam consumption.

What is the size thread of SuperKlean temperature gauges?

Thread size of our temperature gauge is 1/2" NPT.

Does SuperKlean have a low-flow nozzle?

We do not offer a low flow nozzle. However, low flow can be obtained with the use of a Flow Restrictor Adapter on most SuperKlean nozzles.


What is the PSI and temperature rating on SuperKlean nozzles?

Maximum pressure is 150 PSI and maximum temperature is 200 degrees F.

Are SuperKlean hoses and nozzles FDA approved or food grade?

Our products are FDA compliant and meet all FDA requirements for washdown and sanitation processes. They are not food grade.

What is the difference between the mini and lite nozzle?

They are different in material, design, and size. See additional information by visiting:



How much hose can fit on SuperKlean hose racks? 

Depending on the hose OD size and how you coil it, our hose racks can fit up to 100 ft of hose.

How much hose can fit on our hose reels?

Maximum hose length is 50' @ 3/4 ID hose.