Q: How Do I Choose The Best SuperKlean Nozzle For My Application?

A: Standard 150 Series nozzles are our most popular classic nozzles. The DH150S Series are SuperKlean’s most feature-rich nozzles. One very important DH nozzle feature is that it can guard against accidental spraying of the operator with hot water. We have two smaller nozzles. First, the DuraFlow DM “Mini” Series, features a compact design and stainless steel construction. Next, the Standard 150 “Lite” Series has all the great attributes of our larger Standard 150 nozzles, at half the weight. SuperKlean also carries other types of nozzles. If you call our 800-769-9173 number we can help guide you through the best choice!

Q: What Mixing Unit Material Is Best, Brass, Bronze Or Stainless Steel?

A: SuperKlean’s Bronze Steam and Cold Water Mixing Units or Brass Hot and Cold Mixing Units are normally used in non-corrosive environments. Stainless Steel Mixing Units are often used in more harsh or chemically-active environments.

Q: What Advantages Do SuperKlean Steam Mixing Units Have Over The Competition?

A: Here are just a few: SuperKlean Steam and Cold Water Mixing Units are the industry’s safest, with virtually zero steam leakage. Our innovative Temperature Control wheel allows our Mixing Unit operators to set the temperature once, without having to readjust to the desired temperature each time the unit is turned on. Also, our exclusive Secondary Port allows SuperKlean Mixing Unit customers to run an additional hot water line to other places. This feature often eliminates the need to install an additional mixing station!

Q: What Shipping Method Does SuperKlean Use?

A: SuperKlean ships by UPS or the carrier of your choice, as specified by your order. We also offer drop-shipping directly to your customers, at any location throughout the Americas. SuperKlean normally ships same day for orders received by 11am PST, or next day. Please call use regarding rush orders.