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A perfect storm of increasingly difficult to fight bacterial contamination, coupled with instantaneous internet and social media exposure and speedy nationwide food distribution is putting both large and small food and beverage producers across the globe under a relentless spotlight. One mistake in handling food, just about anywhere in the production chain, travels around the globe in hours, tainting sterling corporate reputations in a single day that took decades to build!

Many years ago, when food contamination outbreaks and pathogens were discovered, usually only local distribution points were alerted, and the problems were quickly, efficiently and professionally contained. The least amount of people would be exposed, resulting in minimized suffering from bacterial issues. With modern high-speed food and beverage distribution, these problems now quickly spread across larger geographic areas, and even worse for producers, to customers across the globe, through the 24/7 media.

When a company (think Chipotle) lets tainted food slip through to create a food-borne illness outbreak, their stock suffers worldwide, often within hours. In 2015, Chipotle’s reputation was dealt a serious blow when hundreds of customers across nine states suffered from norovirus and E. coli. Then, in 2017, their customers were again struck with an outbreak of norovirus. Chipotle is still busy trying to rebuild their once impeccable reputation.

On the pathogen front, here is just one example of a fast moving, hard to fight infectious issue that has expanded dramatically in just 40 years. Cyclospora, a one-celled parasite, first discovered in 1977, is now being reported in 15,000 or more cases per year, in fruits, vegetables and water. It’s health risks and even long-term human well-being issues are immense.

Likewise, salmonella, E. coli, Botulism, Listeria and other pathogens cause over 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths annually. More effective factory and plant sanitization, including efficient hot water washdown with proper factory sanitation equipment, helps minimize the risks that pathogens perpetrate on an unsuspecting public.

SuperKlean Washdown Products is often a key partner that food, beverage and agricultural companies are turning to. SuperKlean’s environmentally exceptional products provide low-cost, consistent, and trustworthy plant sanitization, insuring factory floors and equipment are cleansed with best-in-class pressurized water, heated to just the right temperatures.

For almost 3 decades, SuperKlean has been a leading industrial factory and plant hot water washdown partner to hundreds of the world’s largest food and beverage producers. Our name is synonymous with excellent steam and cold water mixing stations. In fact, independent testing has shown SuperKlean Steam hot water stations to be the best available in the world.

Hundreds of leading wineries, brewers and soft drink makers trust our hot and cold mixing stations, that work so reliably and last so long that SuperKlean offers an amazing 10-year warranty, by far the longest mixing water station warranty in the industry.

The increase in dangerous food and beverage pathogen reporting comes at a time when customers demand that the wide range of food and beverage products they eat and drink are made in safe, pristine environments.

A long list of industries that SuperKlean distributors supply to work tirelessly to meet the newest, most stringent requirements set by both consumers and the FDA. This includes food processing, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, wineries, breweries, agricultural, mining and even perfume and cosmetic manufacturers. Every one of these markets rely on modern and efficient factory and plant sanitation equipment to meet or exceed their sanitation goals, and SuperKlean is there with the most excellent and wide range of washdown products available.

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