SuperKlean COVID-19 UPDATE

In difficult times like this Coronavirus outbreak we are forced to focus on going into both personal and business ‘survival mode.’ And of course this is prudent.

In difficult times like this Coronavirus outbreak we are forced to focus on going into both personal and business ‘survival mode.’ And of course this is prudent.

SuperKlean is taking extreme measures to protect our employees and fellow citizens we come in contact with. Sales travel has been suspended and our staff who can telecommute have already started doing so.

At the same time, it is key to put our entire situation into wise perspective. Everyone receiving this SuperKlean COVID-19 update has a critical and essential job to do for our fellow Americans … to meet and to defeat this very difficult Coronavirus challenge.

The Team at SuperKlean is also challenging ourselves to focus on a relentless attitude of service. Virtually all of us reading this email are vital and ‘essential’ businesses in America. We play a significant role in the complex American Supply Chain. One broken link in that chain can delay or stop essential food and other staples from reaching our fellow citizens.

As a critical supplier to America’s food and beverage industry, SuperKlean has received official correspondence from a top 5 food producer proclaiming that “your company and employees are recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as WORKERS ESSENTIAL DURING COVID-19 RESPONSE.”

SuperKlean believes it is critical for us to continue shipments and same or next day delivery, and to insure we have a healthy inventory for uninterrupted, long-term shipment of orders. SuperKlean is shipping every day, and is continuing our commitment to holding a continuously replenished 6 month+ inventory stocking level. Please note that as a service to all our customers we feature a proven and highly-reliable drop-ship service if your company is unable to ship from your location.

SuperKlean will continue shipping all SKU’s found in our complete catalog of sanitation washdown products, throughout this Coronavirus crisis. (see We ship to dozens of key vertical industrial factories and plants in North America and to over 150 countries across the world.


Now on to some inspiration for all of us

Recently, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue released a video message to each of us, whether in distribution channels or those who work in factories and plants, thanking all for insuring America’s ‘food supply chain’ remains strong and uninterrupted. This video articulates Sonny’s and our U.S. government’s gratitude and salute to you, the heroes in the U.S. Food Supply Chain. Please click on the photo to hear this heartfelt message:

Our deepest wish is that you stay safe and healthy. We will keep you updated on any new information from SuperKlean.


Bob Rudy

VP Sales and Marketing, SuperKlean

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