Nozzle Line Extended – Best Washdown Nozzles on the Market!

SuperKlean’s Heavy Duty Industrial Hot-Water Nozzle Line Expands to Include New ‘Lite’ Series and Enhanced ‘Thermosmart’ Nozzles. With the release of its new ‘Lite’ Series industrial nozzles, SuperKlean Washdown Products now offers the washdown industry’s most extensive line of heavy duty, hot and cold water washdown nozzles.

SuperKlean is known and trusted throughout Fortune 1000 companies in the food and beverage industry as a leading partner in environmentally exceptional washdown supplies for plant and factory sanitation. The company is now shipping multiple versions of its new ‘Lite’ industrial nozzle. These highly ergonomic nozzles offer the same heavy-duty attributes of SuperKlean’s widely used ‘Standard’ Series nozzles, but also feature only 45% of the weight while retaining about 95% of the flow rate.

SuperKlean is also re-launching improved and extended versions of their Thermosmart’ Series nozzles, now available in a wide range of colors including Dark Blue, Light Blue, White, and Gray, in either brass, lightweight aluminum, or stainless steel construction.

SuperKlean has shipped tens of thousands of their extensive line of industrial water nozzles through trusted distributors. These partners sell SuperKlean to the most famous food industry giants, and other vertical markets including wineries, brewers, dairies, meat processing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, mining and over a dozen more vertical industry markets.

Bob Rudy, VP of Sales and Marketing for SuperKlean said, “Our distributors and customers continue to expand their purchases of SuperKlean’s industrial nozzles to include our ever growing and improving range of industrial spray nozzle offerings over the last 30 years. Our nozzles have a reputation for long-life and return on investment, which is key to reduced cost of ownership in the harshest and most rugged environments.”

SuperKlean’s ‘Thermosmart’ nozzles feature easy to read, fully digital readouts that change color depending on temperature, providing instant feedback to the operator, without having to modify spray positioning. In addition, these digital readouts are built to withstand years of heavy usage without degrading or breaking.

Industrial nozzle lines from SuperKlean now include the ‘Standard’, ‘Lite’, ‘Thermosmart’, DuraFlow, Duraflow ‘Mini’, and DuraSpray nozzles, all available in a wide range of colors and materials.

SuperKlean concentrates on continuous improvement of its full line of washdown products, ensuring the use of the world’s finest materials for long-lasting functionality in environments that demand continuous operation and trusted performance.

SuperKlean nozzles feature both high flow, and, where required, low-cost flow-restricting options that make them perfect for various environments. This feature results in your nozzle not being ‘locked-into’ limited flexibility with just high-flow or low-flow operation. SuperKlean also sells a complete line of adapters, including ball-type swivels, GHT, 2-inch-long hose/shank barbs for safer installations, and quick-connect fittings.

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