Washdown Stations

Washdown Stations

Conquer Any Grime: SuperKlean's Superior Hot Water Washdown Stations

DuraMix 8000 steam and cold water mixing station on concrete wall
SuperKlean's DuraMix 8000 in Stainless Steel, mounted in a production facility.

SuperKlean Washdown Products promises industrial cleaning mastery. Our comprehensive range of hot and cold water mixing stations (hose stations) tackles even the toughest sanitation challenges, empowering businesses across diverse industries to achieve sparkling standards of hygiene and efficiency. When dealing with Steam-based hose stations, safety managers demand steam hose stations that will not injure their employees. SuperKlean is rated #1 in the industry in the area. Cleaning your DURAMIX 8000 is an easy, safe, and sub-15 minute process. Your SuperKlean Steam Hose Stations are easy and lowest cost to maintain!

Precise Control, Peak Performance:

  • DuraMix 8000 Steam & Cold Water Stations: Renowned for reliability and safety, these bronze and stainless steel heroes combine steam and cold water for powerful sanitation. Dual output caters to multiple cleaning stations, while optional steam traps and strainers optimize performance.
  • 3600 Series Hot & Cold Water Mixers: These brass and stainless steel workhorses boast longevity and durability. “Y” style design with lift check valves and ball joint unions ensures flexibility during installation. A 5-year warranty, exceeding industry standards, makes them a popular choice for breweries and vineyards.

Supercharge Your Washdown:

  • Comprehensive Accessories: From hose swivels and industrial nozzles to high-quality washdown hoses and temperature gauges, SuperKlean offers everything to customize your cleaning arsenal.
  • Industry-Proven Applications: See’s Candy relies on our stations for chocolatey cleanliness, while Dorcich Family Vineyards uses the 3600 Series to boost productivity with optimized hose layouts.

Unmatched Support, Built to Last:

  • Industry-Leading Warranty: We stand behind our products with a robust warranty, ensuring you receive exceptional value and lasting performance.
  • Rigorous Testing: Every unit undergoes thorough testing before it leaves our doors, guaranteeing flawless operation.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Simple setup with all components included saves time and resources. Steam mixing units are designed for quick and cost-effective maintenance, even when mounted.

When you choose SuperKlean Washdown Products, you choose more than just equipment. You choose a partner to achieve immaculate sanitation and unwavering efficiency. Contact us today and unleash the cleaning power your business deserves!

In fact, independent testing results of the top 5 washdown suppliers in the world has shown SuperKlean’s DURAMIX 8000 to be the undisputed

#1 choice in reliability, safety, efficiency and ease of maintenance.

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