What customers frequently ask us


Do hose stations come with hose and/or nozzle or are they sold separately?

SuperKlean hose stations, hoses, and nozzles are sold separately.

Are SuperKlean hoses and nozzles FDA compliant or food grade?

“Food grade certification” is often required for specialized equipment that has some sort of substance for human or animal consumption flowing through it.

SuperKlean products are FDA compliant and meet all FDA requirements for washdown and sanitation processes. They are not food grade. Factories don’t require our type of nozzles or other washdown products to be “food grade certified”.

Are SuperKlean products safe to use with potable water?

No, our products are not suitable to be used with potable/drinking water. SuperKlean products are intended to be used for washdown only, not drinking nor food preparation.

Hose Stations

How can I calculate the output flow rate and steam consumption of my DuraMix 8000 hose station?

Please download this Flow Rate and Steam Consumption Calculator to calculate your hot water flow rate and steam consumption.
You can also look at the Temperature Rise vs Flow Rate Output Chart on page 3. 

What is the size thread of SuperKlean temperature gauges?

The thread size of our temperature gauge is 1/2″ NPT.

What is the GVCP-8 / DURA8-7 made of?

The GVCP-8 and DURA8-7 are both made of molded PTFE.


How do SuperKlean’s LifeSpan Hose Guards work, and do I need this feature?

SuperKlean has been custom-designing internal hose guards for many years, to extend industrial hose life. (See photo and details on page 24 of the catalog.) Many companies realize the most common place where a hose breaks down is internally, near each end of hose. This occurs at the edge of hose barb that sometimes cuts into the inside of hoses that are pliable and softened by the flow of hot water. SuperKlean LifeSpan hose guards add minimal cost to the hose, but can significantly lengthen the life of a hose by protecting this wear point found in hoses.

What material is the hose guard made of?

The hose guards are made of 304 Stainless Steel.

What is the gasket size for the SuperKlean 8-GHT-B/8-GHT-S adapter?

The gasket is: 0.975″ OD x 0.465″ ID x 0.120″ thickness.


How much hose can fit on SuperKlean hose racks?

Depending on the hose outer diameter size and circumference of the coils, our hose racks can fit up to 100 ft of hose.

What are the dimensions of SuperKlean’s 12-SS rack?

The technical drawing for our 12-SS hose rack can be found on our download page and on the product page.

What is the thread size of SuperKlean’s hose rack bolts?

The thread size of our hose rack bolts is M12 – 1.75.

What size are the mounting holes of the hose rack tip?

The hose rack mounting holes are approximately 0.55″ in diameter.

How much hose can fit on SuperKlean hose reels?

Maximum hose length is 50′ @ 3/4 ID hose.
The technical drawing and dimensions for our industrial hose reels can be found in the hose reel installation manual and on the product page.


What is the PSI and temperature rating on SuperKlean nozzles?

The recommended maximum pressure is 150 psi and maximum temperature is 200F.

What is the difference between the mini and lite nozzle?

They are different in material, design, and size. Additional details can be found on our Duraflow Mini and Lite Nozzles product pages.

Does SuperKlean have a low-flow nozzle?

We do not offer a low flow nozzle. However, low flow can be obtained with the use of a Flow Restrictor Adapter on most SuperKlean nozzles.

Can SuperKlean nozzles be used with chemicals?

Our nozzles are for water use only.

What is O-Ring size of the nozzle cartridge 7-B/7-S?

The size is 18 x 2, where 18mm is the ID of the ring, and 2mm is the diameter of the rubber.

Is there lead in SuperKlean aluminum nozzles 150A?

Yes, our aluminum nozzle has small traces of lead. For lead free nozzles, you can purchase our stainless steel nozzles.

What material is the internal gaskets in the DH nozzles?

The tip gasket and O-ring on the cartridge are both made of nitrile.

Why are SuperKlean DH150S triggers harder to squeeze than some competitors’ nozzles?

The trigger on the DH150S is slightly harder to squeeze because of its more compact design (a shorter lever) and to ensure the reliability of the automatic shut-off feature of the nozzle. This design also allows single handed operation of the locking mechanism vs some competitors’ nozzles, which may require both hands to lock the nozzle spray pattern.

What is the thread size of SuperKlean’s D-Wand tip?

The D-Wand tip is attached to the connector using a M15 x 1.5 thread. The connector is attached to the barrel by a M12 x 1 thread.