Standard “Lite” Nozzle

Standard “Lite” Nozzle

Standard "Lite" Nozzle


  • More compact and lighter version of Superklean’s popular Standard nozzle.
  • Up to 96% of the flow rate as SuperKlean’s larger Standard commercial hose nozzle, with less than half the weight.
  • Superklean Ball Type Swivel Adapters available for ultimate, ergonomic operation.
  • Special formulated rubber cover for durability and easy replacement.
  • Bronze construction weighs only 1.25lbs.
  • Used in plants and factories worldwide, in applications requiring constant hot water sanitation with the same heavy duty hose nozzle requirements.

SuperKlean introduced our Standard ‘Lite’ hot water spray nozzle several years ago and it has become an amazing addition to our industrial hot water nozzle lineup, which is the most extensive in the hot water washdown industry. This ‘Lite’ nozzle weighs in at a mere 1.25 lbs., and provide up 96% of the flow rate of its larger sibling, our SuperKlean ‘Standard’ nozzle, which has been a worldwide leader in shipments for over two decades.

For years SuperKlean’s customer base has been asking for a similar nozzle to our Standard size ‘150 Series’ washdown nozzle. They wanted the same heavy duty hose nozzle construction and ruggedized features that could operate at the same high temperatures as SuperKlean’s other hot water spray nozzles. Now the SuperKlean “Lite” nozzle version is one of our customer’s favorite industrial water nozzles.

Specific industries that often use SuperKlean’s Lite industrial water gun in their applications include beer companies who use it as a ultra-lightweight brewery spray nozzle, as well as vineyard managers who use it as a winery spray nozzle. Often employees in breweries and wineries will spend hours a day hauling heavy hot water hoses around, and a lightweight nozzle can really improve things from an ergonomic point of view. Best of all, our Standard ‘Lite’ nozzle has the same, heavy duty industrial strength and ruggedized features that hundreds of the world’s largest industrial plants and factories worldwide have come to expect from SuperKlean. If you have an application that requires a reliable, lightweight hot water gun, the SuperKlean Standard ‘Lite’ nozzle is a perfect choice. Order one or more today to give them a try.

Rating: 150 PSI/200°F (93°C)

Maximum Tested Operating Pressure of 500 PSI

Do not connect nozzle directly to live stream

Inlet PressureFlow Rate


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