DuraReel Industrial Hose Reels


  • Dual axle support system with a 1″ axle for increased stability, reduction of vibration, and structural integrity.
  • Sturdy single pedestal chassis and frame to accommodate 50′ of any of our hose assemblies.
  • Professional grade heavy duty steel with durable powder coat finish or professional heavy duty electro-polished stainless steel.
  • Ribbed discs with rolled edges which are CNC spun to provide strength, safety, and durability. Standard 90° 1/2″ NPT inlet swivel connection in either brass or stainless steel.
  • Guide arm that adjusts to wall, floor, vehicle and overhead positions and has a solid, one-piece heavy gauge 1/4″ base and support post for maximum stability.
  • Enclosed factory-tuned and matched cartridge-style spring motor with non-corrosive stainless steel spring, pawl, and multi-position lock ratchet mechanism.

SuperKlean Washdown Products has been selling high-performance, sturdy hot and cold water hose reels for over 2 decades. We have learned from experience what factories and plants require from commercial hose reels used in their hot water hose washdown equipment applications. SuperKlean heavy duty hose reels will provide you with years of service, assisting your cleaning crew in doing their washdown job as efficiently as possible.

Modern factory and plant managers and safety crews pay special attention to keeping large, hot water hoses off the ground, for several reasons. Wet hoses not only slow down the drying process on floors but also create a safety hazard, for tripping. Workers do not have to walk slowly if their heavy duty hot water hose is quickly and neatly wound on an automatic-retracting reel. In some applications, where it is not necessary to have stainless steel-based products, SuperKlean provides a lower-cost powder-coated reel that will also last a long time.

SuperKlean hot water commercial hose reels incorporate stable, heavy duty construction that has been used in the finest food and beverage production facilities worldwide. If you have any questions, please feel free to call SuperKlean directly. Most of the time the person that answers will be able to immediately provide you with professional consultation on what industrial hose reel, hot and cold water hose, industrial water gun, and other accessories provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your hot water washdown equipment needs.

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Principal Parts, Material, and Ratings

Inlet / Outlet diameter: 1/2” NPT

Material: Powder coated steel (304 Stainless Steel)

Electro-polished steel (316 Stainless Steel)

Weight: 69 lbs

Maximum Operative Conditions

Maximum water pressure: 300 PSI

Maximum water temperature: 200°F (93°C)

Maximum hose length: 50’ @ 3/4” ID

DescriptionPART #

Powder coated heavy duty steel spring driven hose reel


Electro-polished heavy duty Stainless Steel spring driven hose reel


SuperKlean industrial hose reels are being used more and more in today’s modern factory and plant environments. Plant managers want to keep hoses off wet floors, allowing them to dry and inhibiting bacterial growth. Plant Safety Managers see long, heavy, and large hot water hoses as a tripping hazard to factory workers. Industrial hose reels fix both of those situations and are used to keep hoses clean and abrasion free. Hot water hoses tend to accumulate microscopic grooves when pulled across many types of concrete floors, minimizing the lifespan of these expensive hot water hoses.

Food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and many other vertical market companies who excel in keeping their plants and factories pristine will use heavy duty industrial hose reels that provide ‘automatic retraction’ into the reel, minimizing the grueling work required of factory personnel in storing hosed on hose racks that come packaged with SuperKlean steam and cold mixing stations and hot and cold mixing stations.

Industrial hose reels have recently become a more integral part of modern factory design. In the past, hot water hoses were stretched along plant and factory floors, sometimes even left there between shifts.

Heavy-duty commercial hose reels fix that problem by automatically retracting hoses back onto the hose reel to get washdown hoses off the floor. The result? Safer factory floors to keep employees from tripping, and drier factory floors between hot water hose use. This reduces the potential of bacteria or pathogen growth when moist surfaces and warm water from hot water hoses are allowed to sit on plant floors for extended periods.

The DuraReel can be used as an industrial water hose reel wall mount for heavy-duty washdown purposes. To learn more about SuperKlean commercial and industrial hose reels, please call 800-769-9173.

SuperKlean’s industrial hose reels are a top-of-the-line solution for anyone needing equipment that supports a powerful and efficient washdown system.

Our reels withstand the rigors of industrial and commercial use, as they are constructed with high-quality materials that resist corrosion, wear, and tear.

Our hose reels also save space. They are compact and easy to install, making them an excellent choice for plants with limited space. They feature a retractable design, allowing you to quickly and neatly store the hose when it is not in use.

SuperKlean Washdown Products has been the go-to, always-in-stock provider of fine hose reel products for over 30 years. Our SuperKlean industrial hose reels are available in both stainless steel and powder-coated versions. Our industrial water hose reel wall mount products are easily placed in a wide variety of positions, allowing your industrial hose reel to operate in just about any application.



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