Learn more about SuperKlean's innovative flow restrictor in this video.

Flow Restrictor

  • Quick-install or removal feature allows any high flow SuperKlean nozzle to be quickly converted to a low flow spray nozzle, or back to high flow, as desired.
  • ½” flow restrictors to reduce water flow rate for low pressure applications.
  • MNPT to female BSPT or MNPT to FNPT
  • Stainless steel

If you need varying flow rates for different applications, many other companies require the purchase of two separate nozzles – one for high flow and one for low flow. This can often lengthen the washdown process by requiring multiple hot water guns for different areas and applications. With SuperKlean, all of our industrial spray nozzles can achieve low flow rates with our simple flow restrictor adapter. The adapter works by simply reducing the size of the connection between the hose and the nozzle, slowing and reducing water flow. These adapters are 1/2″ male NPT x 1/2″ female BSPT or FNPT. Instead of utilizing two different nozzles for high and low flow applications, SuperKlean’s flow restrictor adapter can turn just one nozzle into both a high and low flow nozzle.

Description PART #
½” male NPT x ½” female BSPT flow restrictor adapter. 304 Stainless Steel. 8-FR-BSPT
½” male NPT x ½” female NPT flow restrictor adapter. 304 Stainless Steel. 8-FR-NPT
Inlet Pressure Flow Rate
*(PSIG) *(GPM)
25 2.93
50 3.86
75 4.91
100 5.78
125 6.71
150 7.19
Note: Standard flow rates can be achieved with the purchase of flow restrictor adapter.
Inlet Pressure Flow Rate
*(PSIG) *(GPM)
25 4.39
50 6.54
75 8.18
100 9.56
125 10.83
150 11.89
* Estimated

Factory and Plant Maintenance Managers appreciate that SuperKlean nozzles can be quickly converted from their normal, powerful, high-flow capabilities to a more ‘water-conserving’ low flow spray nozzle capability, all in a matter of minute or less. Some hard to clean areas require high-power hot water streams for deep industrial spray nozzle cleaning, while other operations, like first step washdown may require a lighter volume of hot water.

Other nozzle manufacturers require you to designate, and order either high flow or low flow nozzles from them, locking the purchase of that nozzle into only specific sanitation areas of the plant or factory, for the life of the nozzle. SuperKlean’s easy-to-install, low-cost, low flow spray nozzle Flow Restrictor gives you the choice of repurposing SuperKlean nozzles at any time, for either low flow or high flow applications.

SuperKlean Plant Maintenance Managers agree that carrying two different industrial spray nozzles can be confusing to new or even seasoned members of the washdown or plant sanitation team, making it unclear which nozzle provides higher hot water flow rates versus low flow spray nozzle cleaning power.

For a published chart on high flow or low flow GPM (gallons per minute) please check out page 17 of SuperKlean’s Full Catalog under Downloads. 

Finally, some plant managers also like that all SuperKlean industrial spray nozzles can be cost-effectively changed anytime in the future, as more water restrictions might be placed on their operations. For more information, or for a sample of SuperKlean’s low flow spray nozzle Flow Restrictors, please call us today at 800-769-9173.

SuperKlean has developed an extensive line of industrial hose nozzles that are suitable for whatever washdown application your plant or factory needs. Our insulated hot water spray nozzles all achieve high pressure washdown suitable for equipment and facility sanitation. In the case that you need to achieve low pressure in certain environments, SuperKlean’s Flow Restrictor adapter can be attached to any SuperKlean washdown nozzle for reduced flow rate. 

SuperKlean Flow Restrictors are just one class of an incredibly wide range of hot water washdown accessories that SuperKlean provides. In many cases, SuperKlean hot water washdown accessories expand on the capability of hundreds of product SKU’s we offer, with virtually all in stock and ready to ship same day.

For instance, over decades there have been many SuperKlean customers who asked us, “How do I better control the flow of water from your hot water hoses and SuperKlean industrial nozzles throughout our plant? In some areas we need powerful streams of hot water to extract hard to remove food products, while in other areas that might be just a few yards away, we want to more strictly control the gallons per minute of water usage.”

SuperKlean’s Flow Restrictor provides a great solution that can be easily taken out for higher flow, or added in for lower flow, in just a few minutes. Plant managers like this solution so much more than having to purchase and stock special high-flow and low-flow nozzles! 

Please take some time to look through SuperKlean’s extensive line of hot water washdown products for the perfect answer to you specific application. Or, call SuperKlean directly at 800-769-9173 to automatically talk to a cheerful and knowledgeable human.

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Learn more about SuperKlean's innovative flow restrictor in this video.

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