Industrial Hose Racks

Industrial Hose Racks

Industrial Hose Racks

High Quality, Heavy Duty Industrial Hose Racks for Every Use

  • 304 stainless steel construction which is corrosion resistant in most applications and environments.
  • Aluminum epoxy coated & stainless steel mounting plates designed for quick, easy installation and meets the required spacing between wall to plate and plate to unit.


SuperKlean manufacturers extremely high quality and durable heavy duty hose racks for over 50 different major industries, from the world’s most famous food and beverage producers, to wineries and breweries, for food markets and restaurants, and so many other vertical markets. Our hose racks are designed to support extremely heavy 5/8 inch or ¾ inch inner diameter hot water hose in lengths up to 50 or 75 feet, or even longer, thinner hoses used in various other applications.


We also use these same hose racks on our famous DuraMix 8000 Steam & Cold Water Mixers, and other hot and cold water mixers we have been selling for decades. These heavy duty hose racks just last and last, and are available with or without stainless steel or aluminum epoxy coated mounting plates, with hardware included. Please call us today for more information on our extensive line of washdown nozzles, hot and cold water mixers, hose swivel fittings, and the industry’s favorite line of heavy duty hose nozzles for every application! Call us at 800-769-9173, or if you wish, email us as



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