Antimicrobial Microban Hose

  • Antimicrobial protection with increased abrasion and oil resistance compared to our other hoses!
  • Flexible, lightweight, economical, durable, and safe construction.
  • Your choice of standard adapters on every assembly made.
  • Assemblies in lengths of 25′, 50′, 75′, and 100′ and can also be supplied in increments of 25′ up to 400′.
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Super Sani-Wash 300 — Economical Microban hose for hot water washdown in food processing plants, dairies, packing houses, bottling plants, breweries, canneries, and creameries.

Inner Diameter: 3/4”

Max Pressure*: 300 PSI

Cover Color: White

Cover Material: Smooth EPDM

Tube Material: EPDM

Reinforcements: Spiral textile


Fortress 300 — Microban antibacterial protection, super abrasion & oil resistant cover for maximum protection against the adverse effects of oil and animal fats.

Inner Diameter: 3/4”

Max Pressure*: 300 PSI

Cover Color: Yellow

Cover Material: Carbyn rubber

Tube Material: Nitrile

Reinforcements: Spiral synthetic yarn


*Warnings: Couplings attached with bands or clamps may reduce working pressure of the hose assembly to less than the maximum rated working pressure of the hose. Refer to the NAHAD Industrial Hose Assembly Guideline.

  • Wide variety of hose constructions and materials to suit all of your washdown and high temp food grade hose needs.
  • Custom assembled hoses professionally made to your exact specifications, with fittings of your choice, can be drop-shipped anywhere in the Americas within 24-48 hours.
  • Antimicrobial protection suitable for food processing plants, beverage and dairy factories, and breweries and wineries looking for the economical reliability of high temp food grade hoses. 

SuperKlean's Microban hot and cold water hose is designed with EPDM and antibacterial, abrasion resistant covers. One of the best attributes of SuperKlean-branded hot and cold water hose products is that they are most often available to ship same day or next day, configured with SuperKlean hose swivel fittings and hose swivel adapters that perfectly match your immediate needs. You can be assured of both the industry’s best hot and cold water hose that will perform admirably in any heavy duty hot water hose application you may have. SuperKlean always has the perfect hot and cold water hose that matches your needs.

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