See how the lock ring on the Standard Swivel Adapter works with the Standard Lite Nozzle.

SuperKlean Tip!

Are All Hose Swivel Fittings the Same? The text: SuperKlean’s Best-in-Class hose swivel fittings are designed with every feature imaginable, making our hose swivel fitting a safer, longer-lasting, and leak-free solution!

Hose Swivel Adapters


  • 360° swivel rotation capability built into this hose swivel adapter is designed to prevent kinking on your hot water hoses.
  • 2.25″ long hose shank/bark for a safer and more secure installation.
  • Lock O-ring, replacing the traditional C-ring, to secure swivel head.
  • Built-in lock ring for nozzle lever which minimizes hand fatigue.

When you purchase long-lasting industrial EPDM hot water hoses you want to make sure you also match up the industry’s best hose swivel fittings. SuperKlean designed and manufactures the best hot water hose swivel adapters in the washdown industry, with superb O-ring construction (more expensive to manufacture) that will hold up to the rigors of industrial plant and factory usage. Our swivel hose adapters make for a safer, longer-lasting hose assembly.

SuperKlean’s industry-favorite standard hose swivel fittings are designed with extra-long hose barbs for a safer, more secure hot water hose installation. This extra length and SuperKlean’s extra sturdy construction allows for double-banding of your hot water hoses, if you choose to add this safety feature.

SuperKlean’s hose swivel fittings also feature a heavier-duty O-ring design that replaces weaker C-ring construction found in competitive hot water hose swivel adapters. This ensures that your SuperKlean-brand hose swivel adapters will always outlast the hot water hoses they are connected to. Finally, all SuperKlean hose swivel fittings come with built-in lever lock rings so users do not have to manually squeeze the industrial hose nozzles for extended periods of time. Ergonomic excellence is built into all SuperKlean products, including our full line of hose swivel adapters.

SuperKlean has been manufacturing and selling DuraLife-brand hose swivel fittings, also known as hose swivel adapters, for over 25 years. During those decades our engineers have made many improvements to our hose swivel fittings or hose swivel adapters family that have set new standards in the hot water hose industry. Our company’s motto is ‘Continuous Improvement’ and we are serious about not resting on our reputation for being the industry’s best hose barb adapter manufacturer. This means working with our factories to constantly tweak the design, functionality and longevity of our ball swivel fittings and hot water hose barbs in every way possible.

For more information on SuperKlean’s hose swivel adapters and full line of heavy duty hose swivel fittings, please call us at 800-769-9173 for immediate technical support on choosing the best hose swivel adapters for your application.

SuperKlean’s extra-long hose barb adapters enable safe double-banding! Be sure to ask SuperKlean about our LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards, also shown

Over the last five years we have doubled our distribution
base to include some of the largest and most admired hot water hose companies,
not only in North America, but across the world. You can be guaranteed that our
hose barb swivel adapters will far outlast the finest hot water hoses

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Note: SuperKlean “Lite” nozzles require the Lite adapters.

Description PART #
1/2” NPT x 3/4” FGHT, brass & 304 SS 8-GHT-B
1/2” NPT x 3/4” FGHT, 304 SS 8-GHT-S
1/2” NPT x 1/2” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8-1/2-B
1/2” NPT x 1/2” hose barb, 304 SS 8-1/2-S
1/2” NPT x 5/8” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8-5/8-B
1/2” NPT x 5/8” hose barb, 304 SS 8-5/8-S
1/2” NPT x 3/4” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8-3/4-B
1/2” NPT x 3/4” hose barb, 304 SS 8-3/4-S

If you use industrial hot water hoses for washdown in your plant or factory, there is a good chance that you will find SuperKlean-brand hose swivel adapters on both ends of that industrial hose. A significant percentage of industrial hot water hose suppliers have been trusting SuperKlean as their number one hose swivel fitting provider for over two decades or more.

Top industrial distributors purchase SuperKlean-brand hose swivel adapters with both brass and stainless steel, or pure stainless steel. In all cases they depend on the extra hose barb lengths found on all SuperKlean fittings, to enable manufacturing of safer, hot water hoses that will hold up to punishing usage in the widest range of applications.

Factory and plant managers, and purchasing agents at top 100 food, beverage, pharma, dairy, brewery and winery installations also call out SuperKlean brand hose swivel adapters in their RFQ’s, for both original purchases and in maintenance situations. For over two decades, SuperKlean has been manufacturing our hose swivel fittings with latest technology O-ring construction. Lower-quality hose barb swivels from competitors often still use C-ring construction, a connection design that naturally weakens over long periods of use. The last thing factory maintenance managers want is to have to replace entire hot water hoses, or install new ends on hoses because of leaking or broken C-ring-based hose swivel adapters.

SuperKlean always has all required sizes of hose swivel adapters available for same or next day shipment. We have planned ahead to keep inventory always ready to ship, even during supply-chain issues and increased demand periods.


Whether you just need a few hot water hose swivel adapters or thousands, call SuperKlean today at 800-769-9173 for fast service and shipment. One of our two warehouses in North America will ship our industry-leading hose swivel adapters directly to you, or professionally drop-ship to customers across the globe.

SuperKlean hose swivel adapters are renowned as the world’s finest hose swivel fittings for hot water washdown. The construction of each SuperKlean hose swivel adapter begins with our O-ring strategy, which ensures your hose swivel adapter will outlast the hose it is connected to. O-rings are built into the swivel adapter and do not become loose over time or leak. SuperKlean is serious about saving water and giving factory and plant workers the best, long-lasting hot water hose available. The extra long 2.25” barbs allow hoses to be double-banded, ensuring a more solid connection between the hose, hose swivel adapter, and nozzle that will not slip or leak over time with heavy usage in production areas. All SuperKlean custom-assembled hoses feature our own standard and ball swivel adapters, with expert double-banding and next day shipments that SuperKlean is famous for.


See how the lock ring on the Standard Swivel Adapter works with the Standard Lite Nozzle.

SuperKlean Tip!

Are All Hose Swivel Fittings the Same? The text: SuperKlean’s Best-in-Class hose swivel fittings are designed with every feature imaginable, making our hose swivel fitting a safer, longer-lasting, and leak-free solution!

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