Thermosmart Nozzles

Thermosmart Nozzles

Thermosmart Nozzles


  • Temperature indicating window to prevent water related burns.
  • Accurate temperature readings.
  • USDA/FDA compliance for correct output temperature


SuperKlean industrial-strength hot water ThermoSmart Series nozzles feature an integrated temperature readout that faces directly up at the operator during hot water spraying, providing instant feedback on current hot water temperatures being sprayed, right on the nozzle. This digital temperature gauge is heavy duty, unlike similar competitive hot water nozzles with analog gauges that can easily break or provide inaccurate readings after being dropped or used in harsh factory environments. SuperKlean’s ThermoSmart industrial spray nozzles are available in light gray or white, with stainless steel construction for plants that often use caustic chemicals, or lightweight aluminum in light blue or white, or brass in dark blue or white.

SuperKlean specifically designed the temperature indicating Thermosmart spray nozzle to prevent water related burns by providing an accurate water temperature reading at the nozzle output. The Thermosmart spray nozzle provides a more accurate temperature reading than mixer mounted temperature gauges. It facilitates USDA wash down compliance and eliminates the need to verify temperature at the mixing station.

Colors:  Dark Blue, Gray, White


Demonstration of 4 position trigger-locking mechanism allowing for various spray patterns, ranging from fan spray to solid stream.


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