Lite Swivel Adapters

  • For 150 ‘Lite’ series nozzles only.
  • 360° swivel rotation to prevent hose kinking.
  • 2.25″ long hose shank/bark for a safer and more secure installation.
  • Lock O-ring, replacing the traditional C-ring, to secure swivel head.
  • Built-in lock ring for nozzle lever which minimizes hand fatigue.

SuperKlean’s swivel adapters are designed with a 2.25″ long hose barb for a safer and more secure installation, lock O-rings replacing the traditional C-ring, and a built in lever lock ring which minimizes hand fatigue. The 360° swivel adapters prevent hose kinking.

Description PART #
3/8″ NPT x 3/4″ FGHT, brass & 304 SS 8LT-GHT-B
3/8” NPT x 1/2” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8LT-1/2-B
3/8” NPT x 5/8” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8LT-5/8-B
3/8” NPT x 3/4” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8LT-3/4-B

Renown for the fact that our hose swivel adapters do not leak, all hose adapters feature O-rings after switching from a C-ring design almost two decades ago, supported by the fact that fittings with O-rings last considerably longer and are much less prone to becoming loose and leaking unwelcome water onto factory floors. The extra long 2.25” barbs allow hoses to be double-banded, ensuring a more solid connection between the hose, hose swivel fitting, and nozzle that will not slip or leak over time with heavy usage in production areas. All SuperKlean custom-assembled hoses feature our own standard and ball swivel adapters, with expert double-banding and next day shipments that SuperKlean is famous for.


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