DuraFlow Spray Nozzle

DuraFlow Spray Nozzle

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DuraFlow Spray Nozzle

  • Front trigger guard cover designed to prevent accidental spray.
  • Trigger lock mechanism built in.
  • Quick connect receptacle for accessories.
  • 304 stainless steel construction with a total weight of 1.53 lbs.

SuperKlean stainless steel DuraFlow nozzles are our high-end, most full-featured industrial hot water nozzles. DuraFlow nozzles are often used in leading plants and factories who rely on steam to heat their water. Steam generated hot water can create higher levels of heat making an insulated water nozzle extremely important. SuperKlean’s specially designed cover material and ergonomic front trigger-guard keeps employees safer during operation and when nozzles are accidentally dropped. This extra protection makes the DuraFlow hot water nozzle the ideal choice for many applications.

Weighing only 1.53 lbs., and featuring heavy-duty stainless steel construction, these hot water nozzles will endure the rigors of any industrial use that you can throw at them. They are always available off-the-shelf, in white, red and dark blue colors. Hot water streaming ranges from a water-saving fan spray, to high performance targeted streaming of hot water up to 200 degrees.

DuraFlow industrial spray nozzles also are incredibly ergonomic, with a 4 position trigger-locking mechanism allowing for variable spray patterns, ranging from fan to solid streaming. Water conservation is important to SuperKlean. DuraFlow hot water nozzles provide drip-free automatic shutoff capabilities and can be easily adjusted to lower flow with SuperKlean’s simple to integrate low-flow insert. SuperKlean’s DuraFlow industrial water nozzle is part of an extensive family of SuperKlean hot water spray nozzles that comprise the industry’s widest lineup of commercial hose nozzles to fit every application. If you need help matching a perfect SuperKlean washdown nozzle to your specific application, please call SuperKlean today at 800-769-9173 for immediate help.

Finally, SuperKlean’s DuraFlow nozzles feature a front-mounted, quick-connect, quarter-turn receptacle for accessories like SuperKlean’s exclusive 1.5 or 3 foot long DuraWand extension product for getting closer to floors or hard to reach areas or equipment. Try the DuraFlow hot water gun for your steam applications! You will find this highly insulated water nozzle will become a favorite of your sanitation team!

Duraflow hot water gun
DuraFlow insulated water nozzle
Inlet Pressure Flow Rate
*(PSIG) *(GPM)
25 2.93
50 3.86
75 4.91
100 5.78
125 6.71
150 7.19
Note: Standard flow rates can be achieved with the purchase of flow restrictor adapter.
Inlet Pressure Flow Rate
*(PSIG) *(GPM)
25 4.39
50 6.54
75 8.18
100 9.56
125 10.83
150 11.89
* Estimated

Colors:   Dark Blue, Red, and White

Demonstration of 4 position trigger-locking mechanism allowing for various spray patterns, ranging from fan spray to solid stream.


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