Garden Hose Swivel Adapters (FGHT)

  • FGHT 360° swivel rotation to prevent hose kinking.
  • 2″ long hose shank/barb for a safer and more secure installation

SuperKlean’s FGHT x hose barb swivel adapters were specifically designed to complement our existing hose lines by providing our customers with a method of assembling hoses in order to attach them to existing male GHT outlets throughout plants. As with all SuperKlean adapters, they are designed with a 2″ long hose barb for a safer and more secure installation. The 360° swivel adapters prevent hose kinking.

Description PART #
Swivel adapter (3/4” FGHT x 1/2” hose barb), brass & 304 Stainless Steel 8-FGHT1/2-B
Swivel adapter (3/4” FGHT x 1/2” hose barb), 304 Stainless Steel 8-FGHT1/2-S
Swivel adapter (3/4” FGHT x 5/8” hose barb), brass & 304 Stainless Steel 8-FGHT5/8-B
Swivel adapter (3/4” FGHT x 5/8” hose barb), 304 Stainless Steel 8-FGHT5/8-S
Swivel adapter (3/4” FGHT x 3/4” hose barb), brass & 304 Stainless Steel 8-FGHT3/4-B
Swivel adapter (3/4” FGHT x 3/4” hose barb), 304 Stainless Steel 8-FGHT3/4-S

You can find SuperKlean FGHT hose swivel adapters in some of the leading wineries and breweries across North and South America, and in many other regions of the world. Dairies, bakeries, as well as chocolate and confectionary manufacturers also rely on SuperKlean’s entire FGHT-based hose swivel fittings due to their smooth 360 degree rotation and extra-long hose shank/barb construction. This all adds up to the safest, highest-quality and longest lasting method for connecting to GHT-based connections in thousands of factories worldwide.

Over the last 20 years SuperKlean has made a name for itself as a leader in all types of hose swivel adapters. A few years ago, our distributors and their customers began asking for a sturdy, long-lasting, and leakproof hose swivel fitting (FGHT) connection to GHT outlets that are used throughout many plants, factories, restaurants, wineries, breweries and over 2 dozen additional vertical markets worldwide.

We answered that call with the best FGHT hose swivel adapter family of products in the hot water washdown industry - our 8-FGHT Series of hose swivel adapters. SuperKlean has a long-term reputation of having the best hose swivel fittings in the washdown business, and our FGHT Series just adds to that reputation. Available in 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4" variations, in both high quality stainless steel or brass, our extra long hose swivel adapters will provide years of reliable operation, long after the hoses they are connected to wear out from heavy usage.

Please call SuperKlean today at 800-769-9173 for immediate technical assistance to either purchase or to try out the best FGHT hose swivel adapters to match your industrial application, or a wide range of specialized hot or cold water applications.

The world’s best and most trusted professional hot water hose distributors and mechanical engineering firms choose SuperKlean’s DuraLife hose swivel adapters as the key connection component built into their finished hot water hose products. SuperKlean began designing hose swivel fittings close to 30 years ago, back in the early 1990’s, and have been improving our hose swivel fitting designs ever since, based on SuperKlean’s corporate commitment to “Continuous Improvement.”

Today, over 400 of the world’s top hose distributors use SuperKlean’s full line of hose swivel adapters with their hot water hoses, to their most important end user companies, across over 30 markets. Plant Managers, Safety Managers, and Maintenance Managers who run and maintain billion dollar factories expect the best hose swivel fittings to be incorporated into the hot water hoses they purchase. It is essential that connections to both their hot water sources and their industrial nozzles of choice do not leak, break, or wear out before the heavy duty hot water hoses they are connected to.

Ensuring ‘no leaking’ of hot water in factories is a critical issue, since tepid water that may puddle up and sit on factory floors is the #1 breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and dangerous pathogens. Factory and plant floors should have a chance to dry in between continuous production, cleaning, sanitation and washdown shifts. SuperKlean hose swivel adapters, with our superior O-Ring design and extra length for double banding, are just two features that provide this extra security.

For samples of SuperKlean’s DuraLife hose swivel adapters and wide range of hose swivel fittings, please call us at 800-769-9173. Our technical support team is immediately available during normal business hours to assist you in choosing the exact hose swivel fittings needed to match the hot water hose and specific hot water industrial nozzles that you use.


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