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SuperKlean LifeSpan Hose Guards
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It is very common that industrial hoses are assembled using fittings similar to SuperKlean fittings. Under normal use, the inside of a hose constantly rubs against the bottom edges of the hose barb of the fitting, causing the hose to eventually burst at that location. Many washdown applications requre the use of high temperature hot water, causing the wear and tear effects to be more pronounced, because hot water causes the hose to soften. Premature hose failure can be costly in terms of replacement and production line down-time. SuperKlean LifeSpan hose guard can shield your hose against sharp edges at the end of the fittings, that may cut through the hose. This helps ensure your hose can meet or exceed its expected life span. Industrial hoses using internal hose guards can last up to 3 times longer, potential saving of hundreds of dollars per hose assembly.