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Brass Hot & Cold Water Hose Station


  • The Industry’s Easiest to Maintain Hot and Cold Water Hose Stations – at a Fair Price!
  • SuperKlean’s hot and cold water hose station incorporates Y-style body with check valves and ball joint unions for superior flexibility during installation.
  • Inlet center lines which have the same dimensions as most of our competitors.
  • Includes mounting plate, hose rack, and optional temperature gauge
  • All SuperKlean hot and cold water hose stations come with a full 5 year, no questions asked warranty.

Priced Fairly, With a Leading 3 Year Warranty!

Most hot and cold hose stations operate in almost the same manner. SuperKlean offers the industry’s only 5 year no questions asked warranty, because our hot and cold water stations just last longer! We kept our pricing low, and availability as same day, during and after the pandemic. We think that is the right thing to do for all who trust in SuperKlean as a key partner.

SuperKlean’s 3600 Series Hot and Cold Water Mixing Station family are regarded as the best in the washdown industry. SuperKlean provides either low-cost brass, or for higher-end applications we sell stainless steel versions. These solutions available either with or without a temperature gauge and are used in the best wineries, breweries, food & beverage plants throughout the world, and in dozens of other vertical markets! Our hot and cold water mixers are also available with globe valves or ball valves, depending on customer preference. With our standard 5 year warranty, you can be assured of the best hot and cold water mixer for your application.

We needed new mixing stations and nozzles as the ones we currently own are slowly becoming run down. Decided to try out SuperKlean as their prices are much more competitive and come to find the products are high quality as well. – Britta Montano

Steam and Cold Washdown Station Review

SuperKlean’s hot & cold water mixer unit was specifically designed for thoroughly blending hot and cold water instantly by mixing supplied hot water with cold water to achieve required temperature output. The unit uses “Y” style body mechanics with lift check valves and ball joint unions for superior flexibility during installation. SuperKlean’s inlet center lines have the same dimensions as most of our competitors’ units. Our units come with a mounting plate for easy behind the unit cleanup, hose rack for easy user access to the hose, and an optional temperature gauge for accurate temperature readings at outlet.

SuperKlean has been selling thousands of our 3600 Series hose stations throughout the entire world, along with our renowned heavy duty water guns, hot water hose stations, hose swivel fittings, and the best hot water washdown hose available.

Principal Parts, Material & Ratings
  • Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 3/4″ NPT
  • Mixer Body: Brass
  • Globe Style Valves: Brass / Stainless Steel
  • Check Valves: Brass
  • Temperature Gauge: (optional) Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 200° F (93° C)
  • Weight: 16 Lbs. (3600BM-B) / 18 Lbs. (3600BM-S) / 20 (3600M-B)/ 24 Lbs. (3600M-S)

SuperKlean brass hot and cold water hose stations have been sold as the washdown industry’s  #1 hose station for over 25 years. Many wineries, breweries and several of other vertical markets turn to SuperKlean’s hot & cold water mixing valve due to their low cost and demonstrated long-life. In fact, some breweries and wineries have the same SuperKlean hose station units they purchased over 10 years ago, still running flawlessly every day.

A few years ago SuperKlean toured a famous brewery in southern New Jersey, called River Horse Brewery. SuperKlean traveled along with dozens of other national brewmasters to check out the award-winning River Horse Brewery. This New Jersey brewery handcrafts unique beers that have become favorites of seasoned beer drinkers across North America. River Horse uses SuperKlean products, including industrial hose racks, industrial spray nozzles, and SuperKlean washdown hose throughout their brewhouse for effective and low-cost washdown. Check out our video of this visit at “SuperKlean Visits River Horse Brewery” on YouTube!

Precise Cleaning – How This Hot/Cold Mixer Saves Time (and Money)

River Horse’s maintenance team found that SuperKlean 3600 Series brass hot & cold water mixer hose stations provide an easy way to quickly hang washdown hoses on the 3600’s attached  industrial hose rack after each use. Team members also like the ability to easily control the precise water temperature they need for every cleaning and plant sanitation operation.

One additional fact: The people at River Horse are so nice, and good at what they do! No wonder their recent additional like the Hoppy Variety Pack of beers and “Tripel Horse” Belgian are becoming industry favorites!

Wineries also use hot and cold water mixer hose stations. And, wineries are just not a California thing anymore. SuperKlean distributers and wineries across North America favor SuperKlean’s 3600 Series hot and cold mixers based on their amazing 3 year warranty and rugged, long-life track record. These same distributors also sell their wineries SuperKlean heavy duty hose nozzles, hose swivel fittings, industrial hot water hose.

Finally, SuperKlean hot and cold mixing valves are used in many other industries, including ice cream plants, bakeries, dairies, vegetable growers as well as the seafood industry. Call SuperKlean at 800-769-9173 today for a quote on the SuperKlean hot water hose station that is a perfect fit for your application.

SuperKlean’s hot and cold water hose stations have one feature that is unheard of in the world’s hot water washdown industry. We provide an incredible 5 year warranty on all hot and cold water mixers – 4 years longer than other competitive mixers! This is based on the fact that our mixers just last longer than other mixers in the market. The end user customer is the big winner, because SuperKlean hot and cold water mixers will retain their original environmentally exceptional operational integrity for many years, or even decades, outlasting the washdown hose and industrial heavy duty hose nozzles they are connected to.

SuperKlean has a wide range of hot and cold water mixers for every application. All of our hot and cold water mixer valve stations are available for shipment the same day, each equipped with their own built-in industrial hose racks, with an assortment of SuperKlean high-quality washdown hose and industrial washdown nozzles.


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