Bronze Steam & Cold Water Hose Station

Bronze Steam & Cold Water Hose Station

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Bronze Steam & Cold Water Hose Station


  • Operates with as little as 30 PSI water pressure without the hassle of changing internal components
  • Dual output design with a Secondary Outlet at the top allows piping to other places like sinks, showers, etc. to supply hot water
  • Automatic shutoff feature built into the design to prevent live steam from passing through the unit

SuperKlean is proud to introduce the most innovative steam and cold water mixing unit specifically designed to provide a safe and efficient means of clean up by producing hot water instantly and economically with little or no maintenance. The DuraMix 8000 hose station operates under a wide range of steam and water pressures without changing internal components. In fact, it is one of the only steam and cold water mixing units in the industry with the ability to operate with as little as 30 PSI of water pressure.

Our unique internal design does not allow live steam to leak into other areas of the hose station, nozzle, or hose. If water pressure fails, the Duramix 8000 will automatically close the steam poppet and not allow live steam to pass through our mixing unit, thus making this unit the safest in the market.

Principal Parts & Materials
  • Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 3/4" NPT
  • Mixer Body: Bronze
  • Check Valves: Bronze / Stainless Steel
  • Hose Rack: 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Gauge: (optional) Stainless Steel .. .... ......
Maximum Operative Conditions
  • Working Steam Pressure (Saturated Only): 30-150 PSI
  • Working Water Pressure: 30-150 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 200°F (93°C)
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Weight: 26 Lbs. (8000GM-B) / 29 Lbs. (8000GM-S)


Each time SuperKlean Distributors get a design win with our industry-leading Bronze Steam & Cold Water Mixer hose station product line we think ‘how sweet it is!’ Recently we visited a truly sweet factory with one of our Los Angeles-based distributors. This long-time distributor recently began selling SuperKlean steam hose stations to See’s Candy factory and headquarters, located in the heart of Los Angeles.

See’s Candy is celebrating is 100 year anniversary. From their humble beginnings in 1921 when Mary See first started selling her homemade candy, See’s has become one of America’s most prized candy-makers. The large LA-based See’s Candy factory now uses multiple SuperKlean Steam hose stations throughout their operation, along with SuperKlean industrial water guns and hose swivel fitting adapters.

Chocolate and confectionary companies across the world trust in SuperKlean steam & cold water mixing hose stations and related hot water hose products. Many have used SuperKlean for years and make Superklean hose stations their only hot water washdown solution.

The next time you pass a See’s Candy store, please know that SuperKlean is a tiny, but reliable part of their story. By the way, years before SuperKlean’s distributor started selling our hot water hose stations to See’s, SuperKlean had been mailing See’s Candy as a grateful Christmas gift to some of our most loyal distributors and customers around the world. It is only fitting that after years of SuperKlean being a See’s Candy customer, they became a SuperKlean customer. The only thing we can say in return is, thank you to our distributor, thank you See’s, and … “Yum!”

The DuraMix 8000 hose station works by combining cold water and steam to create hot water for sanitation purposes. All SuperKlean steam and cold water hose stations allow you to set your desired temperature output during initial installation. Once set, the DuraMix 8000 hose station can achieve and maintain the same water temperature every time.

The DuraMix 8000's strategic dual output design, one at the bottom for a hose and nozzle and one at the top for hard pipe installation, provides the user with the ability to supply two individual terminals with their own hot water supply. For maximum efficiency, the second outlet can be used to feed a secondary source where hot water is needed after the primary outlet has been shut off. This feature drastically reduces energy producing costs, benefiting bottom line as the unit is capable of producing hot water for wash down as well as providing a secondary source of hot water for other uses 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Add SuperKlean steam traps and strainers to your steam and cold water lines to effectively remove all debris for optimal performance.

Operation tutorial - click the video above to learn how to operate your DuraMix 8000.

Installation tutorial - click the video above to learn how to install your DuraMix 8000.


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