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Steam Trap & Strainer
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  • 304 stainless steel construction for long lasting durability.
  • 20 mesh screen incorporated into design for maximum filtration with minimal steam loss.
  • Manufactured according to highest standards and guaranteed to provide a cleaner, healthier environment
SuperKlean proudly introduces our newest line of steam and cold water mixing station accessories, our stainless steel steam trap and stainless steel strainer. Our efficient disc type steam traps incorporate strainers into their design and were specifically designed to save energy with minimal steam loss while providing the user with long life and dependable service. The incorporated strainer built into the steam trap accomplishes the task of installing a strainer and steam trap into one simple installation, thus saving time and money. Our Y-type strainers were specifically designed to screen out particulate matter in a piping system so as to provide efficient operation in your piping system. Both our stainless steel steam trap and our stainless steel Y-type strainer are manufactured according to our high standards and are guaranteed to provide you with energy saving and a cleaner, healthier environment.