Nozzles, Hoses, Fittings, and Adapters – The Basics

Most washdown equipment suppliers offer industrial washdown nozzles, industrial water hoses, and heavy-duty fittings and adapters as part of their product line.

Industrial washdown nozzles, sometimes called industrial water guns or just hot water guns, are manufactured with a special rugged design, mandatory for extensive factory and plant use. These heavy-duty water nozzles are often used to spray high pressure hot water during multiple shifts each day for industrial hose down sanitation. It is not recommended to use commercial or household water guns as a replacement for industrial grade nozzles. These less durable nozzles can’t maintain the proper dependable level of function required in high temperature, high water-pressure or corrosive environments involved in plant and factory sanitation. For safety reasons, we highly recommend customers choose specialized industrial grade hot water spray nozzles. SuperKlean manufactures six different types of industrial hot water nozzles for every application. Our insulated water nozzles are available in brass, bronze or stainless steel. Each type of hot water nozzle is suitable for different situations.

Adapters and fittings are often used to securely connect industrial hoses to mixing units and different sizes and types of hoses. We will describe these important components in detail in upcoming blog posts.

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