Swivel Hose Barb Adapters Designed for Ultimate Hose Safety…

The quality and safety of swivel connector hose barbs for hot water washdown nozzles is a critical component to insure the assembly of the absolute best hot water hoses. Swivel hose barbs, often also called hose shanks, vary greatly in quality and ability to withstand heavy usage in factories and plants worldwide.

The best standard hose swivel adapters for connection to hot water nozzles incorporate advanced O-ring designs, versus traditional C-ring construction found on many of today’s swivel hose barb adapters. While it is less costly to manufacture swivel connectors with C-ring designs, it is proven that O-ring designed swivel hose barbs last considerably longer and are much less prone to becoming loose and leaking unwelcome water onto factory or industrial plant floors.

Increasingly, the Food & Drug Administration requires that food and beverage processors, along with most other industrial plants and factories, keep their floors and production areas devoid of standing water. These wet areas are where the worst pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, thrive and threaten the safety of the site and its workers. It is critical that all hot water and steam connections in a factory are kept ‘leak-free,’ and SuperKlean is at the forefront of this initiative.

Superklean’s hose swivel fittings offer protection and ease of use. Try hose swivel adapters in either stainless steel or bronze.

SuperKlean Washdown Products has been making swivel hose shank adapters for almost 3 decades. As part of our ‘Continuous Improvement’ philosophy, we moved away from our original C-ring design to O-rings on all of our swivel hose barb adapters almost two decades ago. Be sure to choose swivel hose barbs with O-ring construction.

Another important factor for exceptional swivel hose barb design is the length of the actual hose barb. All SuperKlean hose swivel fittings are designed with extra-long 2.25” barbs, making room on the barb for hose distributors and fabricators to ‘double-band’ their hoses. This two-band fabrication technique insures a more solid connection that will not slip or leak over time, due to heavy usage in production areas.

SuperKlean also sells a complete line of ‘ball-type’ swivel adapters with the same O-ring and extra-long hose barb features. SuperKlean was the first company to introduce the ball swivel adapters to the washdown market. We are the most popular version available, renown for the fact that our ball swivel adapters and fittings do not leak. These 360° swivel adapters are extensively used to reduce operator fatigue by allowing natural wrist movement and reducing the need to drag and reposition heavy hot water hoses during the washdown process. All SuperKlean custom-assembled hoses feature our own standard and ball swivel adapters, with expert double-banding and next day shipments that SuperKlean is famous for.

The best engineered heavy-duty hot water hoses and industrial washdown nozzles are designed to help protect workers, while being rugged enough to constantly handle extremely hot water used during washdown. SuperKlean Washdown Products has also designed an internal hose guard to increase the lifespan of hoses, reinforcing the contact point between the swivel adapter and the hose. This contact point is a common failure point of industrial washdown hoses. These low-cost internal hose guards are available on most of SuperKlean’s line of swivel adapters and hot water hose fittings.

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