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‘Washdown Products’ is the phrase used to describe the critically important tools used to clean factories and plants in virtually every country in the world. Harmful bacteria are becoming more difficult to fight in these industrial environments.

At the same time, customers demand that the wide range of products they eat, drink and use are made in safe, pristine environments. A long list of industries work tirelessly to meet these stringent requirements set by both consumers and the FDA. This includes food processing, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, wineries, breweries, agricultural, mining and even perfume and cosmetic manufacturers. Every one of these markets rely on modern and efficient washdown equipment to meet or exceed their sanitation goals, and must take the necessary steps to provide strategic and efficient setups.

Modern factories and plants, as well as smaller operations like breweries and wineries, will often place hot and cold water mixing stations on walls around the perimeter of their facility. Since most floor areas need to be washed and cleaned, sometimes every day, hot water mixing valve stations will be strategically placed, usually about 50 to 100 feet apart, so the length of an average hose that is connected to them, which is often about 50 feet, will allow virtually every square foot of facility floor space to be washed down. Equipment is often also washed down for complete facility sanitation.

Workers who handle heavy, hot water hoses everyday know how hard it can be to drag a 25 foot hose around, much less a 50 footer or a 75 foot hose. These hot water hoses that hang on hose racks attached to the hot & cold water valve mixing stations are extremely heavy. Variety garden hoses are enough of a ‘drag,’ but industrial hoses that handle water temperatures up to 160-180 degrees or more are industrial strength, and often have 5/8 or ¾ inch inner diameters.

Heavy duty hose nozzles also need to be industrial strength, handling the same hot water temperatures and the rough and tumble daily usage in factories and plants, that often include multiple shifts. The best engineered heavy duty hot water spray nozzles are designed to help protect workers, while being rugged enough to constantly handle extremely hot water used during washdown. SuperKlean Washdown Products has designed a full line of the industry’s most popular nozzles to help guard against industrial worker injury and accidental spraying, while reducing fatigue with lightweight nozzle options that are still highly-reliable, heavy duty industrial solutions.

The two videos below feature effective integrations of SuperKlean products in both a winery and a brewery, both of which are using our famous 3600 Series hot and cold water mixing units.

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