What to Expect in the Worldwide Wine Sector – 2021 and Onward

Pandemics and Fires and Pestilence – Oh My!

Yes, 2020 Was a Tough Year, But the Worldwide Thirst for Great Wine is Here to Stay!

Napa Valley wineries faced the toughest fire season in 2020.

2020 proved to be a difficult year for the wine industry in the midst of pandemics, fires, closures, and uncertainty. But in life, there are always some things that are fairly constant. And one of those things is that many hundreds of millions of citizens in our world have a passionate love for wines. Sure, there are times and trends that drop that number a bit or increase it, but the love and consumption of wine have been around for thousands of years and over the long run, will continue to grow, mature, and evolve.

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The global pandemic forced the winery industry to close their vineyards.

One other constant … Countless millions of the world’s citizens are enamored with visiting beautiful wineries and learning more about this cherished beverage, the wondrous land on which it is grown, and master vintners who orchestrate the maturation of these delectable grapes. The world’s finest, forward-thinking wineries are finding new avenues of taking their winemaking (and wine-selling) excellence to the next level, both through science and marketing innovation.

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It cannot be denied – the number of wineries yielding an ever-growing assortment of amazing vintages is increasing. Maybe the industry is catching its breath in any given year, but it can also be said that there will always be a pent-up demand to taste and experience the world’s evolving and exciting wine scene. This fact was vividly evident as SuperKlean participated in our virtual booth at this year’s 2021 Wine and Grape Symposium in late January.

Billions of dollars are earned yearly in worldwide grape production. New vines that were planted in droves during the last several years are just coming into their own. There are now an amazing 10,000 plus wineries just in the U.S., but this represents only a bit over 10% of the worldwide wine business. So many incredible wines and so little time!

Winemakers know these basic numbers, and the best of them are just as hard at work as ever, preparing to mesmerize us with their newest wine creations for decades to come. Will the wine business decline a few percent? Maybe. Will it be larger in 2025 than it is today? Probably. So just sit back and prepare to enjoy the wine scene as it matures in the coming decades.

The best wineries are like the world’s best businesses, restaurants, and manufacturers – always improving – never stopping their continuous improvement quests. In 2021, many winemakers are already months into executing their bold plans. This includes improvement of soils, implementing many new science-driven breakthroughs, researching ways to reach new heights in taste and yield, and dramatically transforming their vineyards, winery building and grounds into visually enchanting wonderland for visitors as the world reopens.

Winery Nozzles with Hot and Cold Water Mixing Stations
Wineries across the country trust SuperKlean winery nozzles and hot and cold water mixing stations to keep their wineries up and running during unprecedented times.

SuperKlean Washdown Products is playing our role in providing the finest and most cost-effective winery sanitation solutions. Our mission is to help improving the efficient cleaning and sanitation techniques to be used as winery teams strive to reach new levels of sparkling cleanliness. SuperKlean’s industrial hose down sanitation products and hot and cold water mixers are used in the finest Fortune 1000 beverage facilities in the world and at thousands of the finest wineries across the globe. We have been constantly improving our delivery solutions while keeping our manufacturing and selling costs as low as possible. This enables wineries to use just the highest quality hot water washdown spray nozzle at just the right hot water temperature, with minimal amounts of water. This insures that winery managers meet their most stringent cleanliness goals, while keeping energy costs to a minimum and water savings to a maximum.

Many wineries are finding that using more closely and strategically placed SuperKlean hot and cold water mixing stations reduces the lengths of winery hot water hoses needed to reach every sanitation area our hot water spray nozzles need to target. This minimizes the time and effort needed to uncurl heavy hot water industrial hoses from the hot and cold water mixer and included industrial hose rack. It also reduces physical strain on their employees and the time needed to clean their cellars and warehouse areas. This time-saving strategy saves money and improves productivity over the long run, while keeping wet or damp hoses off the ground. The overall goal is to allow all floor spaces to dry out more quickly, thus reducing the chances for bad bacteria to accumulate.

SuperKlean’s complete ‘closed-loop-washdown,’ includes our 3600 Series Hot & Cold Water Hose Stations, industrial Microban hot water hoses, DuraLife ‘no-leak’ hose barb adapters and commercial hose nozzles. These exceptional set of hot water winery cleaning products make sure that precious water is only applied where it is needed. SuperKlean winery products provide end-to-end manufacturing excellence and are designed and built to stringent tolerances at SuperKlean. The final mission? To insure water does not seep or gather where it is not wanted while reaching the highest levels of environmental excellence!

The best winery management teams realize that strategically important wine connoisseurs and their best VIP ‘estate-bottle-buying’ visitors want to be taken on tours by winemaking experts to experience the many intricate steps undertaken in state-of-the-art winemaking processes. In the past, some areas in wineries were not easily accessible or to messy to be toured. Today, those areas have been ‘beautified’ and actually featured, so interested observers can meet and get to know their favorite winemakers, creating memories of the most interesting aspects of the winemaking process. This personalized, ‘deep-care’ shown to visitors often turns into life-long committed purchasers, both onsite and to the all-important, emerging ‘direct-to-consumer’ category. There is nothing like a wine enthusiast who can tell a wonderful story about a visit to a most magnificent winery, personally given by a famous winemaker.

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