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Food Processing Sanitation Equipment

SuperKlean washdown products are used in dozens of food processing vertical markets across the globe. From Papa John’s pizza sauce to Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, SuperKlean helps thousands of food producers keep bacteria and pathogens away, allowing for safest, most pristine products available on local grocery shelves. Top SuperKlean products used in Food Processing:

  • DuraMix 8000 Steam & Cold-Water Mixing Stations for ultimate safety and sanitation.
  • DuraFlow Industrial Spray Nozzles hold up to the continuous factory and plant cleaning requirements.
  • SuperKlean swivel hose barb adapters feature long-lasting O-ring construction and added length for safer hose double-banding
  • SuperKlean’s exclusive LifeSpan internal hose guards make hot water hoses last longer!

Food Safety and Sanitation in a time of Bacteria, Viruses, and Global Pandemics

steam and cold water mixing units
SuperKlean steam and cold water mixing units, washdown spray nozzles, and washdown hoses ensure that food safety and thorough industrial sanitation can be achieved.

2020 has raised unprecedented and alarming concerns for consumers surrounding food sources, food processing, and overall food supply chain management. In this time of fear and uncertainty, food processors are faced with an increasing demand for proven safety measures to be diligently put into practice. Food safety is an ever growing concern for consumers worldwide, and as members of the food supply chain, it is our duty to ensure facility sanitation and washdown supply exceed consumer safety expectations and requirements.

What threatens the integrity of food processing? Biological contaminants, or pathogens, are not only found in food, but also contaminate water and linger on surfaces. Harmful bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella, viruses, mold, and parasites can grow and reproduce rapidly once in contact with food products, spreading through food handling and consumption. Utensils, processing equipment, piping, floors, walls, corners, and crevices all have the potential to harbor contaminants and pathogens. If not properly addressed, these unwelcomed guests may find their way into distribution or harm the integrity of your manufacturing.

How can we avoid this? Food processors must implement the proper food safety measures and plant sanitation equipment to prevent any cross contamination or foodborne illnesses. Effective cleaning and plant sanitation washdown procedures greatly reduce the risk of food contamination and harm to consumers. Steam and hot water are extremely effective measures for removing soils on surfaces – grease, food residue, oil, and dirt – as well as bacteria lingering underneath. Not only does steam and hot water kill more germs and bacteria than cold water, but the FDA requires contaminated surfaces to be cleaned with hot water of at least 180°F for proper sterilization. Washdown equipment should be available throughout the plant so sanitation protocols can be effectively met in all areas of production. Having a dedicated and educated safety and maintenance team to encourage and enforce safe practices is a vital component of food processing.

SuperKlean is a dedicated partner in providing the best and safest washdown products carefully designed to be the most effective plant and factory sanitation equipment. Please read the Technology Overview for a more detailed look at the preferred and trusted washdown equipment for industrial sanitation.

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