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Dairy Nozzle for Milking Parlors

Custom-Built Dairy Milking Parlor Nozzle – Superior Results for Chemical Pre and Post Dip


  • Perfectly engineered for most Pre and Post teat chemicals and viscosities.
  • A true, ruggedized Milking Parlor nozzle built with consistent and reliable stainless steel.
  • Precisely engineered spray pattern results in full teat coverage with minimum expensive chemicals sprayed.
  • DuraFlow nozzles have a 20 year history of success in Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, and Dairy plants.
  • Available in Dark Blue or Red to designate Pre or Post dip spraying. Comes with 3/8” or 1/4” hose barb, ready to use.
  • DuraFlow Milking Parlor Nozzles promote a healthier herd with more consistent teat coverage.
  • Our “direct-on” 90 degree spray tip provides your employees with an ergonomic, more natural application angle than plastic sprayers.

“SuperKlean’s customized milking parlor applicator is a version of our renowned DuraFlow nozzle, which has been trusted for 2 decades in Fortune 1000 food, beverage, and pharma plants worldwide. Our milking parlor nozzle saves dairymen time and money, with long-life and a precise application that promotes herd health.” – Bob Rudy, VP of Sales & Marketing

Years ago, Milking Parlor experts came to SuperKlean asking for a custom-built, industrial-duty stainless steel nozzle that could hold up to the rigors of milking parlor environments. SuperKlean engineering answered the request with a money-saving, highly-accurate applicator nozzle that lasts longer with a wide list of pre-dip and post-dip chemicals.

SuperKlean’s Milking Parlor Nozzle was carefully designed by working with Dairyman and Operators for over a 5 year period. innovative teat dip sprayer designed for efficient pre and post teat dip treatment in dairy farming. This durable and easy-to-use teat dip gun ensures thorough application of disinfectant solutions, promoting optimal udder hygiene and reducing the risk of mastitis. Shown: SuperKlean’s Milking Parlor Nozzle with standard Built-in hook, for quick, safe access by operators.

Dairymen are ecstatic about the DuraFlow Milking Parlor nozzle with super-fast, pinpoint application and teat coverage. This saves considerable milking time per application and significantly reduces chemical usage. DuraFlow Dairy’s long-lasting operation in Milking Parlors can only be attained with specialized stainless steel construction. Available in dark blue and red, for distinguishing between pre and post dip, with perfected teat spray tips, right angle attachment, and mounting hook for truly professional milking parlor operation.

  • Dark blue dairy nozzle part number: DH150D-DB
  • Red dairy nozzle part number: DH150D-R

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Pressure Range: 65-85 PSI (Typical)
  • Maximum Pressure Rating: 150 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature Rating: 200°F (93°C)
  • Flow Rate: Varies depending on nozzle tip selection. 
  • Colors and Part Numbers:
    • Dark Blue: DH150D-DB
    • Red: DH150D-R

Applications of the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle in Milking Parlors

The DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle, a specialized tool from SuperKlean, is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of milking parlor operations. The ergonomic design of the SuperKlean Diary Nozzle allows for comfortable handling, while its precise spray pattern ensures even coverage of the teat surface. By incorporating this advanced teat dip sprayer into your dairy routine, you can enhance the health and productivity of your herd, ensuring cleaner and healthier milk production. This nozzle finds its application in various stages of the milking process, primarily focusing on the health and hygiene of dairy herds. Below are the key applications of the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle in milking parlors:

  1. Pre and Post Teat Dip Application: The DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle is expertly crafted to handle a range of pre and post teat dip chemicals with varying viscosities. Its precise engineering ensures full teat coverage while minimizing the use of expensive chemicals. This application is crucial for maintaining teat hygiene and preventing mastitis, a common and costly dairy cattle disease.
  2. Ergonomic Design for Efficient Use: The nozzle features a “direct-on” 90-degree spray tip, providing an ergonomic and natural application angle. This design is not only user-friendly but also increases the efficiency of the milking process, reducing the time and effort required for each application.
  3. Durable and Reliable Construction: Built with high-quality stainless steel, the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of milking parlors. Its rugged construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a cost-effective solution for dairy operations.
  4. Customization for Specific Needs: Available in dark blue and red, the nozzle can be easily designated for either pre or post-dip spraying. This feature, along with the choice of 3/8” or 1/4” hose barb, allows for customization according to specific dairy parlor needs.
  5. Enhanced Herd Health: Consistent and thorough teat coverage promotes better herd health. By effectively applying teat dips, the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle helps in preventing bacterial infections, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of the dairy herd.
  6. Reduced Chemical Wastage: The nozzle’s precisely engineered spray pattern ensures optimal coverage with minimal chemical usage. This not only reduces the cost associated with chemical purchases but also supports environmentally sustainable practices.
  7. Versatility in Dairy Applications: Beyond teat dipping, the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle can be adapted for various other applications within dairy farms, including general washdown tasks, equipment cleaning, and sanitation processes, thanks to its durable design and adaptable spray patterns.
  8. Proven Track Record: With a 20-year history of success in industries like Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, and Dairy, the DuraFlow Nozzle’s reliability and efficiency are well-established, making it a trusted choice for dairy farmers worldwide.

In summary, the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle from SuperKlean is an essential tool for modern milking parlors, offering a blend of ergonomic design, durability, and precise chemical application. Its role in promoting herd health, reducing operational costs, and enhancing the overall efficiency of milking operations makes it a valuable addition to any dairy farming operation.

Additional Information on the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle

The DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle, a premium product from SuperKlean, is not only designed for efficiency and durability but also for compatibility with a wide range of chemicals used in dairy farming operations. To assist our customers in making informed decisions about the chemicals they use with our nozzle, we have developed an extensive Chemical Resistance Guide.

Chemical Resistance Guide

  • Comprehensive Testing: Our Chemical Resistance Guide is the result of rigorous testing, encompassing over one thousand different chemicals. This extensive testing ensures that the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle can be used safely and effectively with a wide variety of chemical agents commonly used in dairy operations.

  • Easy to Navigate: The guide is structured to provide quick and easy reference for users. It lists chemicals alphabetically and provides detailed information on their compatibility with the materials used in the construction of the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle.

  • Safety and Compatibility: The guide is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and longevity of the nozzle. It helps users understand which chemicals can be safely used without compromising the nozzle’s material integrity, ensuring both operator safety and product durability.

  • Updated Information: We continually update the Chemical Resistance Guide to include new chemicals and formulations that enter the market. This commitment ensures that our customers have the most current information to guide their choices.

  • Accessible to Users: The guide is readily available to all our customers. It can be accessed online through our website, allowing for easy consultation whenever needed.

Diary teat spray gun

Enhanced Durability, Sustainability, and Trust: The Superiority of the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle

  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured with high-grade stainless steel, the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle is built to withstand the harsh conditions of dairy farming, ensuring a long service life.

  • Environmental Consideration: The precise spray pattern of the nozzle not only ensures effective application but also minimizes chemical wastage, supporting environmentally responsible farming practices.

  • Industry Reputation: With decades of experience and a solid track record in various industries, SuperKlean’s products, including the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle, are synonymous with quality and reliability.

In conclusion, the DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle, backed by our comprehensive Chemical Resistance Guide, represents a blend of innovation, safety, and practicality. It is an indispensable tool for modern dairy farming, ensuring efficient operation, safety in chemical usage, and environmental responsibility.


DuraFlow Dairy Nozzle Video

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