Lockable Temperature Control Wheel Cover


  • This new, optional temperature hand-wheel cover provides a simple, fast to remove and replace method for maintenance managers to control access to the DuraMix 8000’s temperature-tunable globe valve.
  • This optional plastic, red lock box was specifically requested by many Plant and Safety Managers!
  • SuperKlean engineers created this customized, low-cost, and safe method for managers to control access to the
    8000’s highly-accurate temperature fine-tuning feature.

Principal Parts and Material

Includes: Red, heavy-duty, plastic box and lock
For use with: All SuperKlean 8000 Series Steam Hose Stations
Lock type: Master lock, with set of two keys

SuperKlean’s growing base of customers asked for a lockable cover for SuperKlean’s full line of Steam and Cold Water Hose Stations and we answered. This new customized Temperature Control Wheel Cover is lockable and fits perfectly on all SuperKlean steam mixing stations.

This low cost solution allows plant management, including Maintenance Manager, Safety Managers, and other factory management to limit access to SuperKlean’s temperature control globe valve, one of the favorite features of SuperKlean customers who need to fine tune temperatures for different products, or different times of day when water pressure or steam pressure may change due to hot water washdown in different locations in the food, beverage or other plant departments.

In a properly set up SuperKlean DuraMix 8000 installation, factory and plant personnel need only turn both and steam and cold water valves all the way on at the start of a shift or the beginning of the day, then turn both valves off when the steam hose station is finished its job. If all things in the factory or plant is constant, there is no need to further change or ‘dial-in’ the correct hot water hose and hot water nozzle temperature. Under changing circumstances, plant management can then change the setting on SuperKlean’s exclusive temperature control wheel to attain the new correct temperature.

Part number: TCW-KL


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