Nozzle Wands for DH150 & DS150 series


  • 1.5ft or 3ft 304 stainless steel wand length options.
  • Adjustable spray pattern wand tip: solid or fan spray.
  • Quick connect to any DH series or DS series nozzle.
  • Quarter-turn
  • Perfect to reach hard to sanitize places on equipment and floor

Two of SuperKlean’s most popular industrial spray nozzles, our DH Series (page 9) and DS Series (catalog page 14) are designed to allow fast, efficient connection with our 1.5 foot or 3 foot hot water nozzle extension wands. Just a few second  ¼ turn attachment extends your spraying to enable workers to reach some of those hard to reach areas on and under equipment, where bacteria and pathogens can grow.

Factory and plant workers love that they do not have to crawl and crouch to reach places where food and sticky particles can accumulate. This takes the wear and tear off cleaning and sanitation crews who sometimes have the hardest jobs in industrial food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

If you are already purchasing SuperKlean DH or DS nozzles, just call SuperKlean at 800-769-9173 and our team may be able to send you a sample SuperKlean Nozzle Wand to test our in your application!


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