SuperKlean LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards Make Industrial Hot Water Hoses Last Longer!

SuperKlean Hot Water Sanitation Hoses with LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards Fixes Age-Old Factory and Plant Problem

steam mixing unit
Leaking steam from the mixing unit can accumulate and build pressure in the washdown hose, eventually bursting and potentially burning operators.

For over two decades, SuperKlean customers have been telling us that their hot water hoses most often break right at the ends, both near the hose barb/nozzle or right next to the mixing station hot water hose connection. If fact, thousands of factories regularly cut off the ends of their hoses, then either send them out for a new hose barb adapter to be attached or buy inhouse hose equipment so the Maintenance Department can rework these hoses in-house. No matter the method, this hose wearing at the ends of the hose adds considerable cost to the money spent on hot water industrial hoses each year. Often, factories and plants think it is cheaper to just order new replacement hoses, more often. Essentially, they don’t get the full life span of otherwise still useful hoses! 

Several years ago SuperKlean came up with the answer – a lightweight, internal and bendable stainless steel spring that is mounted directly to the hose barb, inside the hose. With this feature, sharp edges of the hose barb do not cut into and wear down the internal ends of these hot water hoses. 

Industrial hot water hoses, like SuperKlean’s own extensive brand tend to be quite heavy and very hard to bend when cold. When hot water, normally between 120 degrees and up to 170 degrees, flow through the hoses, they become very soft and pliable. Factory workers have to pull and drag on these hoses, creating internal pressure points at both hose barb ends of these heat-softened hoses. Constant scraping of the hose barb inside the hose grinds into the one or both ends of the hoses, creating the weak points that dictate constant replacement, waste, and undue costs to these factories and plants.

With SuperKlean’s ingenious LifeSpan Internal Hose Guard, there is no weak link created at the ends, allowing the hose to last much, much longer, using up the entire natural life of the hose. 

Multiply these savings on hose replacements and repairing by the up to dozens of hot water sanitation hoses many factories need to use, and it is easy to see the thousands of dollars on industrial hot water hose costs that can be saved each year. Also, there is the added cost of labor and the additional cost of downtime of having to purchase new or reworked hoses.

hose swivel fittings and adapters
SuperKlean carries top of the line washdown hose assemblies and hose swivel fittings and adapters for any application.

SuperKlean LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards are built at SuperKlean’s factory, using the same, high quality SuperKlean Hose Barb Adapters, the best available in the industry. Factory and plant workers don’t even feel the miniscule added internal hose guard weight (about 3.6 ounces cumulative for both ends. Factory and plant Maintenance and Safety Managers no longer have to worry about weakened hoses and constant replacements of their hot water industrial sanitation hoses. 

SuperKlean LifeSpan Hose Guards are just a small fraction of cost to hot water hoses, and yield enormous savings year over year when compared to normal hoses without internal hose guard protection.

Please call SuperKlean today for information on cost and how to purchase SuperKlean LifeSpan Internal Hose Guards. As with our entire line of industrial hot water sanitation equipment, our hose guards are always available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery. They can either be built into SuperKlean’s full line of branded hoses, or available from one of our hundreds of Authorized Distributors across the globe. 

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