SuperKlean Standard Nozzle Becomes the Worldwide Standard in Factory and Plant Sanitation

Tens of Thousands of the Leading Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Companies Worldwide Make SuperKlean’s Standard Heavy Duty Hose Nozzle a ‘Standard’ in Their Factories and Plants

Burlingame California – April 9, 2021

Written by: Bob Rudy, VP Sales and Marketing, SuperKlean

SuperKlean Washdown Products has been manufacturing and selling the hot water washdown industry’s widest range of industrial spray nozzles for over 30 years. We have continually expanded our industrial spray nozzle line to include many variations of industrial nozzles that fill specific needs. For instance, we recently added a ‘Lite’ Standard Spray Nozzle line of nozzles which look exactly like our Standard Nozzles, but weigh half as much as our most popular and heftier Standard Nozzle product line. Sales of the ‘Lite’ Nozzle have been very successful, yet our SuperKlean Standard Nozzle offerings continue to grow year after year.

The reason? Our Standard industrial spray nozzles are the world’s best heavy duty hose nozzles that take a beating in the most severe environments and just last longer than other nozzles. This increased life span makes them by far the most economical choice in over 30 vertical markets they are most often used in. SuperKlean designed our Standard Nozzle family to have both the strongest internal components, as well as superior covers that take on the brutal handling often needed to washdown factories and plants quickly, safely, and efficiently.

One additional reason our hot water nozzles are an industry favorite is that they can be purchased with either bronze, stainless steel, or aluminum internal construction. Each type of metal has its advantages, based on a wide and growing list of applications they are used in. Most recently, SuperKlean distributors are being contacted by a new class of nutraceutical, supplement, and ‘functional food’ manufacturers that have been emerging in our current health conscious world. This new class of companies want to insure an ultimate, clean environment and the ‘word on the street’ is that SuperKlean Standard nozzles are a mainstay in factories and plants seeking the best environmental solutions.

Standard Nozzles

SuperKlean sees a slow, but clear trend towards lighter weight stainless steel and aluminum Dark Blue Standard Industrial Nozzles that have the same heavy duty hose nozzle durability as their heavier brass construction brothers. No matter what the choice, factories find that they do not have to replace their SuperKlean Standard nozzles as often, based on their superior durability and specially designed covers that absorb the rigors of modern industrial applications.

SuperKlean Standard Nozzles are most often purchased in our best-selling Dark Blue color, with Red or White covers also available ‘off the shelf’ and ready for same-day shipment, over 98% of the time. Other colors include Light Blue and Gray. Most manufacturers prefer the Dark Blue Color over older Black color nozzles, as they ‘stand out’ in factory and plant environments.

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