Why Combining Face Shields and Face Masks May be the Better Solution for Workers

Why Combining Face Shields and Face Masks May be the Better Solution for Workers


For millions of Americans, face masks quickly became part of regular daily attire as officials stressed the need for PPE. However, health officials and experts now are stressing that masks are not sufficient, instead advocating for the use of full safety face shields. Why? Face shields offer far more protection to all areas of the face, greatly minimizing the risk of accidentally contaminating yourself by rubbing your eyes or adjusting your mask, which often happens unconsciously with extended mask wear. While wearing surgical-type face masks can protect others from your saliva, the lack of full coverage still leaves your face extremely vulnerable. Studies have shown that respiratory viruses not only enter the body through the nose and mouth, but through the eyes as well.

Simple face masks unfortunately have some shortcomings. With itchy or ill-fitting masks, people are far more inclined to touch their face or adjust their mask, defeating the purpose of protective wear. If people are not used to continuously wearing facial coverings, they often tend to touch their face and eyes.

This is not to say that masks are ineffective, but they can become infinitely more effective with the combined with the use of face shields.

Safety face shields cover the entire face without actually coming into contact with the majority of the face. A comfortable foam headband positions the shield at a slight distance from the face, eliminating any uncomfortable or irritating contact and reducing the urge to touch your face.

A plastic shield offers a more extensive layer of filtration that masks cannot. When paired together, face masks and face shields form effective barriers against the inhalation or landing of any droplets through the nose, mouth, or eyes. Employees who work in close quarters or regularly come into contact with others in the workplace should wear full face shields if not protected by other measures such as plexiglass barriers.

Unfortunately, the surge for PPE has left many workers without adequate protection, thus putting themselves at risk every day as the core functioning members of society.

As a company founded on promoting sanitary practices and providing the best factory and plant sanitation products, SuperKlean understands the need for these workers to be safe. Face shields, in conjunction with masks and gloves, can not only offer proper protection, but also provide a little peace of mind.

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