Ball Valve Hot & Cold Water Hose Station

Ball Valve Hot & Cold Water Hose Station

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Ball Valve Hot & Cold Water Hose Station


  • Ball valves for easier shutoff while maintaining its original characteristics.
  • Incorporated Y-style body with check valves and ball joint unions for superior flexibility during installation.
  • Inlet center lines which have the standard industry dimensions.
  • Includes mounting plate, stainless steel hose rack, and optional temperature gauge.
  • Ball joint union lift check valves provide the mixing unit more flexibility during installation.
  • The ball valve design enables the user to turn on and off without any difficulty.
  • The entire unit weighs only 13 lbs., making it a lightweight and easy to handle product.

We can also provide this unit with an optional stainless steel temperature gauge for accurate outlet temperature readings. If you would like to know more about this particular mixing unit, please contact us on our toll-free number 800-769-9173. You can also send us an email at [email protected].

Principal Parts & Materials
  • Inlet / Outlet: 3/4″ NPT
  • Mixer Body: Brass or 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Ball Valves: Bronze or 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Hose Rack: 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Gauge (optional): Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 13 Lbs.

Maximum Operative Conditions:
  • Maximum Water Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 200°F (93°C)

SuperKlean has tens of thousands of installations of hot and cold water hose stations worldwide. These diverse vertical market hot water hose installations include some of the world’s largest and most renowned multinational companies, as well as small independent food, beverage, wineries, breweries, cheese, textile, bakeries, and more than 20 other vertical markets. SuperKlean hot water hose stations are available in either brass or stainless steel, with low-cost, optional temperature gauges that can be shipped same day. Some customers choose our 3600 Series hot and cold water hose stations with globe valves, and others with ball valves.

Wineries, breweries restaurants, bakeries, and other types of beverage companies often ask for3600 DuraMix hot and cold water hose stations. SuperKlean ball valves are among the most exceptional in the industry, featuring long-life, smooth, and leak-free operation. This is one of the reasons why SuperKlean’s entire line of 3600 Mixing Units feature an industry-leading 5 year warranty. They just keep on working, no matter how heavy the duty cycles are, and if properly cared for ,will last for many more than just the 5 year warranty period!

Ball valve hot water hose stations are the most preferred, due to their easy and fast on/off capabilities. Just one 90 degree flick of the wrist on both the cold water and hot water ball valves turns the hose station all the way on or off. Other customers prefer the more exacting control of globe valve operation which better enables ‘dialing in’ the exact amount of water pressure and temperature required for each spraying operation.

As with all SuperKlean Hose Stations, each unit purchased and shipped includes all mounting hardware, a high quality stainless steel hose rack, and SuperKlean’s renowned 5 year warranty. Optional temperature gauge can be added for a nominal cost, providing accurate minute by minute readout of the water temperature you are spraying through the hot water hose.

Please contact SuperKlean at 800-769-9173 for immediate assistance with any questions you may have.

SuperKlean now offers a hot & cold water mixing units with ball valves for easier shutoff while maintaining its original characteristics. The unit uses “Y” style body mechanics with lift check valves and ball joint unions for superior flexibility during installation. SuperKlean’s inlet center lines have the same dimensions as most of our competitors’ units. Our units come with a mounting plate for easy behind the unit cleanup, hose rack for easy user access to the hose, and an optional temperature gauge for accurate temperature readings at outlet.

SuperKlean believes it is critical for ultimate washdown station operation that each unit’s washdown valves are quick and easy to operate, while reducing the amount excess water that can leak and gather onto floors. For instance, hundreds of leading vineyards around the world use SuperKlean’s 3600 Series of cost-effective hot and cold water mixer products in close proximity, so shorter washdown hoses can be more easily curled and stored on the 3600’s included industrial hose racks. This efficient use of hose racks keeps wet hoses off wine cellar floors, enabling faster drying after each hot water washdown for best-in-class winery sanitation.

SuperKlean’s premium ball valves enable fast turn on and turn off of each hot and cold water mixing valve, enabling hot water saving and pinpoint cleaning of wine cellar floors. This same strategy is implemented in the world’s leading food, beverage, and pharmaceutical plants for unmatched industrial sanitation. For more information on SuperKlean’s complimentary hose swivel fittings, industrial hose nozzles, and superior washdown hose products, please browse our other product pages on this website. 


SuperKlean Tip!

Be sure to choose the correct SuperKlean hot and cold water mixing valve type to match your application. Ball valves feature fast hot and cold water mixing valve on and off operation, versus globe-based hot and cold water mixing valves that take longer but allow more precise temperature settings. In stock and ready for shipment!

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