Some of the world’s largest factories and plants have been asking for a SuperKlean Chemical and Bacteria Resistant nozzle. Be sure to click on our Chemical Guide below to see over 1600 chemicals that have been tested!


DuraFlow “X” Nozzle Extended Bacteria and Chemical Resistance

X-tended Bacteria Resistance and Chemical Resistance, for the Most Demanding Hot Water Washdown Applications


After more than 3 years of research, SuperKlean has re-engineered our popular DuraFlow industrial nozzles to attain a new level of performance with X-tended Bacterial Resistance and X-tended Chemical Resistance!

SuperKlean’s already superlative DuraFlow nozzle design has been shipping and been trusted by many industries as their #1 hot water washdown nozzle for over 20 years.

SuperKlean’s new X Series DuraFlow nozzle is now reinventing hot water sanitation by helping further reducing bacteria and pathogens in over 30 industrial vertical markets across our world. The X Series DuraFlow nozzle seamlessly merges factory hygiene with innovation. Some critical factory and plant applications require highly specialized and safe chemicals running through hot water nozzles to kill stubborn pathogens and bacteria. The SuperKlean DuraFlow X nozzle was carefully designed for these sometimes corrosive applications.

With improved chemical resistance, SuperKlean’s X nozzle’s X-tended performance last longer with a wide range of chemical solutions and strengths necessary to keep food and other products free of a growing number of pathogens. This includes chemical use in industries ranging from Pharma to Food to Beverage to Dairy and to Agriculture.

SuperKlean’s X Series DuraFlow nozzles are available in 3 colors, and each stands out with its dark blue trigger, designating its new X-tended bacterial and chemical resilient properties. Please call SuperKlean for more information, or to order your X nozzle today!

  • Dark Blue X Nozzle Part Number: DH150X-DB
  • Red X Nozzle Part Number: DH150X-R
  • White X Nozzle Part Number: DH150X-W

Rating: 150 PSI / 200°F (93°C)

Inlet PressureFlow Rate
Note: Standard flow rates can be achieved with the purchase of flow restrictor adapter. 
Inlet PressureFlow Rate
* Estimated 
Colors:Dark Blue, Red, and White
  • Dark Blue X Nozzle Part Number: DH150X-DB
  • Red X Nozzle Part Number: DH150X-R
  • White X Nozzle Part Number: DH150X-W

SuperKlean Customers and Distributors are asking questions like, “Why did SuperKlean spend so much time researching a new sanitation-related DH hot water nozzle, when the one you have been selling for decades already works well in reducing bacteria build-up and in harsh chemical environments?” Here are just two reasons why:


For over 33 years, SuperKlean Washdown Products has made a real attempt to truly listen to our customers, plus continuously and proactively ask them for feedback.

One of our customers told us SuperKlean nozzles tested best out of many industrial hot water nozzle brands they researched in limiting bad bacteria growth and accumulation on our SuperKlean nozzle. But then they asked, “Can you do even better?” This pharma giant used extremely sensitive bacteria testing equipment that provided the detailed information of these results.

So SuperKlean embarked on a multi-year quest to improve our already good results. SuperKlean engineering produced necessary design improvements and implemented them. Now we have an ‘extended’ solution that provides those requested improvements. Enter SuperKlean’s new X nozzle which is now available worldwide for pharma and many other vertical markets to purchase.

chemical resistant spray nozzles
SuperKlean’s innovative “X” Series nozzle now enables manufacturer’s in over 30 key industries to use an innovative hot water nozzle that stands up to the most used chemicals, while also reducing bacterial load on the nozzle for optimal usage in the most stringent environments.

Food Manufacturers

For many years, certain food manufacturers have asked SuperKlean if they could run diluted chemical solutions of various types through our highly popular DuraFlow DH industrial hot water nozzles. Our answer was to provide a sample and ask them to try it out ‘real-world’ on their factory line. After considerable feedback, we started researching and testing new, extended solutions.

One of our distributors brought us into a multi-billion-dollar customer looking for safer, and hopefully chemical resilient hot water washdown solutions. SuperKlean provided steam hose stations that would not leak dangerous steam into hot water hoses, and asked if we could make them some pre-production, chemical resistant hot water nozzle samples. They said yes!

After testing, this company, with installations across North America and other countries, told us if we could put this type of extended chemically resistant hot water nozzles into production, they would begin to buy them, especially on a few production lines where they needed to use some different chemical compositions with varying percentages of dilution. Of course, we said yes!

buy chemical resistant spray nozzles
SuperKlean’s feature-rich “X” nozzle provides safer ergonomic operation for your employees, plus exclusive 4-position trigger lock.

Since SuperKlean was already designing a new nozzle with reduced bacteria build-up characteristics, we decided to innovate one single hot water nozzle solution that would offer both extended bacteria resistance and extended chemical resistance. Thus, with two extended industrial features, the aptly named SuperKlean’s “X” nozzle was born.

SuperKlean is now shipping this highly innovative, extended performance nozzle to all industries around the world. We list over 30 different vertical markets in our catalog, and the SuperKlean X Series DuraFlow nozzle can work in every single one that needs extended bacterial and chemical resistance. Please make sure to contact us to test out The X hot water nozzle and see what it can do to improve your pharma, food, or other application you may have. Please call 800-769-9173 and ask if it is true that ‘The X has Landed!’

Additional Information on the SuperKlean DuraFlow X Nozzle

The DuraFlow X Nozzle by SuperKlean represents a significant advancement in industrial hot water nozzle technology, catering to the evolving needs of many industries, including pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing. This innovative product is the result of SuperKlean’s commitment to continuous improvement and active response to customer feedback.

Comprehensive Chemical Resistance Guide

In addition to the advanced features of the DuraFlow X Nozzle, SuperKlean offers a meticulously developed Chemical Resistance Guide. This guide is a testament to our commitment to safety and compatibility in diverse working environments. It encompasses an extensive array of chemicals, each rigorously tested for compatibility with the X Nozzle. This resource is designed to be user-friendly, providing clear and concise information to ensure safe and effective use of the nozzle with a variety of chemicals. Regular updates to the guide ensure that it remains a relevant and valuable tool for our customers, reflecting the latest chemical formulations and industry standards. The guide is easily accessible, allowing users to make informed decisions about the chemicals they use, thereby ensuring the longevity of the nozzle and the safety of their operations.

Advancements in Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Listening to Customer Feedback: SuperKlean has a longstanding tradition of engaging with customers to enhance product performance. This approach led to the development of the X Nozzle, inspired by feedback from a pharmaceutical giant. Using advanced bacteria testing equipment, the customer noted the effectiveness of SuperKlean nozzles in limiting bacterial growth but challenged us to go further.
  • Engineering Excellence: In response, SuperKlean embarked on a multi-year research and development journey. The outcome is the X Nozzle, boasting improved design features that significantly enhance its ability to resist bacterial accumulation, meeting the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Meeting Food Manufacturers’ Needs

  • Chemical Solution Compatibility: SuperKlean has always been responsive to the unique needs of food manufacturers, particularly regarding the use of diluted chemical solutions in washdown processes. After extensive real-world testing and customer feedback, we recognized the need for a nozzle that could handle various chemical compositions without compromising performance.
  • Collaboration and Innovation: Collaborating with a major distributor and their multi-billion-dollar client, SuperKlean developed pre-production samples of chemically resistant hot water nozzles. These prototypes underwent rigorous testing, leading to the confirmation that a nozzle capable of handling diverse chemical dilutions was highly sought after in the food manufacturing sector.

The Birth of the X Nozzle

  • Dual Extended Features: The X Nozzle is a groundbreaking solution that combines extended bacterial resistance with enhanced chemical resilience. This dual capability addresses the critical needs of industries requiring stringent hygiene and diverse chemical usage.
  • Versatility Across Industries: SuperKlean’s X Series DuraFlow nozzle is versatile, suitable for over 30 different vertical markets listed in our catalog. Its extended bacterial and chemical resistance features make it an ideal choice for any industry needing a robust and reliable hot water nozzle solution.
  • Global Availability: The X Nozzle is now available worldwide, offering its advanced features to industries globally. It stands as a testament to SuperKlean’s innovative spirit and dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Invitation to Experience the X Nozzle

We encourage industries, especially those in pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and others, to experience the superior performance of the X Nozzle. To discover how the X Nozzle can enhance your operations, please contact us at 800-769-9173 and inquire about the innovative solution that is making waves across various sectors – the SuperKlean DuraFlow X Nozzle, where extended performance meets industrial needs.


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