DuraSpray Nozzles

DuraSpray Nozzles

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DuraSpray Nozzles



  • Designed for hanging hose applications (from the roof).
  • Anti-spray mechanism built into the trigger.
  • Quick connect receptacle for accessories.
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction

SuperKlean’s new DuraSpray spray nozzle was specifically designed for hanging nozzle applications common in industrial environment with minimal space for normal operation. Its unique cover design is not only durable, but also incorporates a locking device to prevent accidental spray. The new DuraSpray spray nozzles have variable spray patterns, adjustable from fan spray to solid stream, adjustable by the amount of pressure applied to the trigger mechanism. Water conservation is assured upon release of lever by the drip-free automatic shutoff feature.

SuperKlean DuraSpray spray nozzles are available in 300 Series Stainless Steel and weigh a total of 1.53 Lbs.

DuraSpray commercial and industrial nozzle
Inlet Pressure Flow Rate
*(PSIG) *(GPM)
25 2.93
50 3.86
75 4.91
100 5.78
125 6.71
150 7.19
Note: Standard flow rates can be achieved with the purchase of flow restrictor adapter.
Inlet Pressure Flow Rate
*(PSIG) *(GPM)
25 4.39
50 6.54
75 8.18
100 9.56
125 10.83
150 11.89
* Estimated
Colors:   Dark Blue, White and Red

A few years ago several major food and beverage companies and distributors asked SuperKlean to expand our already extensive hot water industrial nozzle line to include a heavy duty stainless steel nozzle for applications requiring spraying hot water downward, from overhead mounts. These applications include various types of meatpacking and meat preparation plants and factories across the globe, along with dairies, cheese plants, and oil refinery applications. Today, more and more leading plants and factories endeavor to bring their hose mounts off the floor, to reduced standing water and hose wear and tear associated with dragging them across floors. DuraSpray nozzles  are becoming more popular in an ever increasing number of hot water industrial washdown applications.

SuperKlean’s premium DuraSpray Series of washdown spray nozzles are categorized as part of SuperKlean’s heavy duty hose nozzle family. They provide the same long-life attributes of our other hot water spray nozzles, with the additional benefits of ultra-strong stainless steel construction which stands up to the increasing amount of caustic chemicals being used in today’s industrial hose nozzle applications worldwide.

Plant safety managers also like the DuraSpray’s safety release lever that requires a focused moment of the operators special attention when first initiating this washdown nozzle’s spraying pattern. This assures they have full control of the hot water nozzle stream before spraying begins. If you require true industrial spray nozzle performance, the DuraSpray’s three available colors will certainly provide it to you.


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