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Ball Swivel Fittings


  • 360° multi-axis swivel rotation to prevent hose kinking and results in better ergonomics. Allows the natural movement of the wrist with decreased fatigue for the operator.
  • 2.25″ long hose shank/barb for a safer and more secure installation.
  • Lock O-ring, replacing the traditional C-ring, to secure the swivel head.
  • This hose swivel fitting has a built-in lock ring for nozzle lever which minimizes hand fatigue.

SuperKlean’s new ball swivel fittings are designed with a 2.25″ long hose barb for a safer and more secure installation, lock O-rings replacing the traditional C-ring, and a built in lever lock ring which minimizes hand fatigue. The 360° ball swivel adapters prevent hose kinking as well as being ergonomically designed to provide a stress free environment by its ability to rotate with hand movements when dragging hose during normal spray.

These multi-axis hose swivel adapters are extensively used to reduce operator fatigue by allowing natural wrist movement and reducing the need to drag and reposition heavy hot water hoses during the washdown process. The extra long 2.25” barbs allow hoses to be double-banded, ensuring a more solid connection between the hose, hose swivel adapter, and nozzle that will not slip or leak over time with heavy usage in production areas. All SuperKlean custom-assembled hoses feature our own standard and ball swivel adapters, with expert double-banding and next day shipments that SuperKlean is famous for. Please call SuperKlean today for the correct hose swivel adapter for your application.

Note: SuperKlean “Lite” nozzles require the Lite adapters.

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Description PART #
1/2” NPT x 1/2” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8-B1/2-B
1/2” NPT x 1/2” hose barb, 304 SS 8-B1/2-S
1/2” NPT x 5/8” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8-B5/8-B
1/2” NPT x 5/8” hose barb, 304 SS 8-B5/8-S
1/2” NPT x 3/4” hose barb, brass & 304 SS 8-B3/4-B
1/2” NPT x 3/4” hose barb, 304 SS 8-B3/4-S
  • SuperKlean hose swivel adapters are trusted and used by some of the largest Food & Beverage companies in the world, including FritoLay, P&G, Kraft, Hershey and dozens more. Some of these Fortune 1000 companies have their own internal hose departments and still  request SuperKlean hose swivel adapters based on their proven long life and extra-length, that allows hot water hoses to be double-banded for extra safety.
  • It is important that hose swivel fittings provide full flexibility to move with the operator’s wrist actions, in virtually any direction without the need to pull and reposition industrial hot water hoses. With SuperKlean hose swivel fittings, factory Safety and Maintenance Managers can be assured that their hoses have the most secure connection for their operation.
  • From the smallest to largest dairy, cheese, and milk producers, SuperKlean ball swivel adapters provide the best, longest lasting connections to industrial hot water washdown hoses.

SuperKlean pays attention to the needs of leading factory and plant sanitation managers around the world. In particular, Safety Managers are always asking for ways to minimize fatigue that their employees face with daily operation using washdown hoses. A washdown hose can often weigh hundreds of pounds when filled with water. SuperKlean designed our industry-leading ball swivel fittings to reduce repetitive wrist movement and constant dragging and readjusting of heavy water hoses. Each of our SuperKlean hose swivel adapters were designed to be as lightweight as possible, while allowing the hot water nozzle to be easily pointed in multiple directions without having to move the washdown hose. SuperKlean hose swivel adapters come in various sizes in both stainless steel or brass.

SuperKlean was the first company to introduce the ball swivel fittings to the washdown market, and our product was met with great success. Renown for the fact that our ball swivel adapters do not leak, all hose swivel fittings feature O-rings after switching from a C-ring design almost two decades ago, supported by the fact that hose swivel fittings with O-rings last considerably longer and are much less prone to becoming loose and leaking unwelcome water onto factory floors.


SuperKlean Tip!

Plant Safety Managers often want to reduce the stress and strain on plant workers bodies. Although a SuperKlean Ball Swivel Adapter adds a small amount of weight to the hose assembly, it requires much less ‘yanking & pulling’ of heavy washdown hoses – much more ergonomic for workers!

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