Elevating Safety Standards with SuperKlean’s DURAMIX 8000 Steam and Cold Water Hose Stations


For Safety Managers striving to maintain the highest sanitation standards in their plants or factories, safety and efficiency are paramount concerns. In industries such as food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals, where hot water washdown is an essential process, steam is a common choice for hot water generation due to its superior efficiency. However, one of the significant challenges faced by plant and factory managers is the potential for steam leakage and bursting hot water hoses. Steam leakage is a dangerous scenario that can potentially harm your plant employees, damage equipment, and disrupt operations. So, how can we bridge this gap between efficiency and safety? Enter the SuperKlean DURAMIX 8000 Steam and Cold Water mixing station – a leading solution for plant safety and productivity.

Steam: The Unparalleled Choice

When it comes to hot water provision for washdown, steam stands unrivaled. Steam’s ability to carry large amounts of heat means that it can quickly and efficiently sanitize surfaces, kill bacteria, and remove stubborn residues. This is especially critical in industries where removal of bacteria, cleanliness, and hygiene are paramount. Steam is a force to be reckoned with, but it needs to be harnessed and controlled properly to be safely beneficial.

Beyond sterilization, steam provides a range of operational benefits. Its high energy content and efficiency in heat transfer lead to lower operational costs and quicker heat up times. This results in improved productivity.

The Dangers of Poorly Designed Steam Mixing Units

Steam expands when it leaks into hot water hoses not designed to handle its pressure and temperature. This can cause the hose to burst or steam to leak through the hot water nozzle, risking scalds or burns to employees, damage to machinery, or even cause slips and falls due to wet floors. In extreme cases, these incidents can lead to debilitating injuries, costly downtime, and even litigation. In essence, a single steam leak could lead to a cascade of unwelcome consequences that can significantly impede plant operations.

Don’t let the danger of steam leaks compromise your operations or put your employees at risk. After all, a safe plant is a productive plant.

The SuperKlean Solution

That’s where the SuperKlean DURAMIX 8000 Steam and Cold Water hose station comes into play. This steam and cold water mixing station, developed by SuperKlean, has been specifically designed with plant safety and efficiency in mind. The DURAMIX 8000’s superior build and innovative technology make it the safest steam mixer on the market today.

Its robust construction can handle the high temperatures and pressures associated with steam without the risk of failure. The DURAMIX 8000’s design incorporates automatic steam shut-off in case of cold water loss, preventing dangerous steam leaks. Should the cold water supply be interrupted, the steam supply valve closes instantly, eliminating the possibility steam leaking through the hot water nozzle or bursting the hot water hose.

SuperKlean’s complete family of steam hose stations are also designed to provide precise control over the steam and cold water ratio, ensuring a safe and efficient blend for washdown processes.

Invest in Safety, Invest in Productivity

The SuperKlean DURAMIX 8000 does more than just ensuring safety. It maximizes operational productivity by enabling a consistent and reliable hot water supply, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements. This means your team can focus on what they do best: delivering top-quality products, all while safeguarding the health and safety of your employees.

The DURAMIX 8000 isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a holistic approach towards a safer and more efficient working environment.

Make the switch to the SuperKlean DURAMIX 8000 today and let the peace of mind it brings permeate every corner of your plant or factory. When you invest in the DURAMIX 8000, you’re investing in unparalleled safety and unmatched productivity – a combination that truly sets your operation apart.

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