SuperKlean’s Hose Swivel Adapters to the Rescue

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Burlingame, California - February 21, 2023

SuperKlean and our distributors worldwide receive compliments from plants and factories who are thankful for our ultra-reliable DuraLife hose barb swivel adapters for hot water hoses.

These ½” hose swivel adapters are available in either low-cost brass, a combination of 304 stainless steel, or complete stainless steel construction.

SuperKlean has been shipping these adapters for almost three decades. Along the way, we have been using one of our company’s mottos, “Continuous Improvement,” to make these hot-water-based swivels stand up to the rigors of any harsh factory or plant environment.

For instance, in our manufacturing process, we use more expensive but more robust O-ring construction on every one of these fittings.

We also use more (and longer) high-performance metals to ensure the ability to double-band hoses to the SuperKlean hose barb, ensuring a robust and reliable contact surface, no leaking over time, and even less wear on the inside of the hose near the barb. Feel free to ask our sales team how this works; it’s actually a physics thing!

As I travel around North America and the world, visiting many diverse plants and factories, I often ask, “Where do your hoses normally wear out?” Virtually 100% of the time, the answer is, “Right near the edge of the hose barb, internally, where the inside of the barb rubs against the metal end of the barb.”

This is why SuperKlean pays extra attention to how we manufacture the edges of our hose barb swivel adapters. We have made our Continuous Improvements, but the longer hose barb and tighter double-banded connections help even more. Also, with this, our industrial spray nozzles exceed the industry’s standards.

To go even one step further, three years ago SuperKlean formally introduced our very popular LifeSpan Internal Hose Guard product line, which integrates our ‘already-superior’ hose barb fittings and swivel adapters with a high-performance internal stainless steel hollow tube that only allows up to 90-degree flexing, and virtually no flexing where plant and factory maintenance and safety managers have been struggling with hot and cold water hose safety and breakage per year. So, instead of just purchasing a SuperKlean hose swivel fitting, you can purchase, for just a small additional charge, SuperKlean’s extensive hot water hose barb swivel adapter attached to a lightweight internal tube, as one single part, called SuperKlean’s DuraLife Swivel Adapters. Please see page 24 in our catalog for a deeper explanation and a photo.

With these cumulative features, SuperKlean’s hot and cold water hose barb swivel adapter solutions stand out as the best available in the hot and cold water washdown industry.

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hose swivel adapters
Brass - Hose Swivel Adapter
hose swivel adapters
Stainless Steel - Hose Swivel Adapter

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