Steam Trap

  • Steam Traps / Steam Strainers play important roles in keeping steam lines connected to SuperKlean DuraMix 8000 mixers clean and pristine.
  • 3/4″ disc-type steam trap. Stainless steel.
  • SuperKlean Steam Traps and Strainers are designed to keep steam pure and contaminate-free.
  • Thermodynamic steam trap – simple design, efficient and reliable
  • Integral strainer and replaceable seat for easy maintenance
Our efficient disc-type steam traps incorporate strainers into their design and were specifically designed to save energy with minimal steam loss while providing the user with long life and dependable service. The incorporated strainer built into the steam trap accomplishes the task of installing a strainer and steam trap into one simple installation, thus saving time and money. Debris may cause damage and or malfunction to equipment, but SuperKlean steam traps ensure your steam inputs are free of contaminates.

Inlet / Outlet diameter: 3/4” NPT

Body: 304 Stainless Steel

Gaskets: Copper

Screen: 20 mesh

Blow down valve opening: 1/2” NPT

Maximum steam pressure (saturated only): 600 PSI

Maximum water pressure: 600 PSI

Maximum steam temperature: 800°F (427°C)

Weight: 1.5 lbs (steam trap) or 1 lb (strainer)

DescriptionPART #
3/4” disc type steam trap. Includes
internal strainer. 304 Stainless Steel
3/4” Y-type strainer. 304 Stainless SSS8000-SS

SuperKlean manufactures the most efficient and highest quality steam trap to match our full line of DuraMix Steam Hose Stations, often referred to the best steam mixing stations in the washdown industry. SuperKlean steam traps are designed to complement our line of SuperKlean Steam Hose Stations, and its low cost makes adding this performance-enhancing thermodynamic steam trap an efficient addition to any factory.

SuperKlean Steam Trap and Strainer implementation has been noticeably trending upwards over the last few years, as Plant Maintenance and Safety Managers become more knowledgeable on the advantages of ‘clean steam’ and ‘pre-cleaned’ cold water flowing through their industrial sites and through SuperKlean Hose Stations and hot water hoses.

Installation teams who add SuperKlean DuraMix 8000 steam hose stations know that new pipes within factories often need to be cleared of residue that might have collected inside new pipes as they were fitted, mounted, and run throughout new and retrofitted facilities.

Processing food, beverage and animal slaughter plants, as well as many dairy, cheese and confectionary vertical markets often have environments that require enhanced cleaning and sanitation. This results in the need for ultra-clean and well-maintained water and steam supplies, often over multiple shifts every day. Additional examples include pharmaceutical companies and perfume makers, where exacting standards are extended purification of the entire process are mandatory. These installations often require extensive use of sanitized water, steam, and stainless steel equipment. In every case, SuperKlean’s wide range of hose stations, steam traps, cold water and steam strainers, hot water hoses, and industrial nozzles provide most excellent solutions.

In older, aging facilities, steam traps and cold water and steam strainers are often a necessity as industrial plants and factories built decades ago experience the interior of pipes beginning to deteriorate. A slow disintegration process occurs in almost every plant and factory, even those that are properly maintained. These buildings often have decades of reliable service left in them without the need for major retrofits or ‘makeovers.’ Plant Maintenance and Safety Managers will often add in steam traps to the steam lines that run throughout a factory as they notice problems with the quality of steam being produced. Steam experts know that there can be several reasons causing steam to degrade, but it is often a positive step to add steam traps to certain (or all) steam hose stations in a plant.

Likewise, degrading cold water pipes, either inside or directly outside factories might exhibit a build-up of particles over time. SuperKlean cold water and steam Strainers can overcome this issue for very little cost, insuring that water flowing through the facility is cleaner and more pure, with fewer bits of particulates. It is always a plus to start out with excellent water and/or clean steam in a factory or plant, with the least amount of particles and mineralization inside pipes.

SuperKlean’s exceptional hose station products do not require steam traps and steam strainers in many cases. Plant managers often know and keep close track of the quality of steam, hot water, and cold water that flows throughout their facilities, and all the way through their hot water hoses and industrial nozzles. But, if water or steam quality is in question, low-cost SuperKlean steam traps and strainers can provide an easy answer. For information on how and where to add SuperKlean steam traps and steam strainers to both your steam and cold water supplies, please visit

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