SuperKlean Industrial Water Nozzles

SuperKlean’s Extensive Line of Industrial Spray Nozzles for any Hot Water Application

SuperKlean Washdown Products has been a leading supplier of plant and factory sanitation equipment for over 30 years. Their most extensive product line, industrial spray nozzles, has various shapes and sizes of heavy duty hose nozzles for every application. These industrial spray nozzles are manufactured with a special rugged design, mandatory for extensive factory and plant use. These heavy duty hose nozzles are often used to spray hot water at high pressure during multiple shifts each day to meet industrial sanitation standards. SuperKlean hot water nozzles can be found in the production plants and factories of the most renowned food companies worldwide, including Nestle, ConAgra, Frito-Lay, Exxon, Campbell’s, Del Monte, Coco-Cola, Kraft, Pepsi, Kroger, Hershey, Foster Farms, Heinz, Pfizer, and dozens of other famous companies.

hot industrial nozzle
DuraFlow industrial nozzle

Our SuperKlean DuraFlow spray nozzle is our top of the line, full feature industrial heavy duty hose nozzle favored in steam applications. The DuraFlow nozzle’s safety-first design features SuperKlean’s specially designed cover material and ergonomic front trigger-guard that keeps employees safer during operation and protects against accidental spraying if the nozzle is dropped. The heavy duty stainless steel construction of this hot water gun includes a 4 position trigger-locking mechanism allowing for variable spray patterns, ranging from fan to solid streaming. DuraFlow nozzles also provide drip-free automatic shutoff capabilities and can be easily adjusted to lower flow with SuperKlean’s flow restrictor quick attachment. SuperKlean also offers 1.5’ nozzle wands with quick attachments to the DuraFlow nozzle. Try the DuraFlow nozzle for a safe and comfortable hot water washdown.

hot water spray nozzle
DuraFlow Mini hot water spray nozzle

The DuraFlow Mini Spray nozzle is SuperKlean’s lightweight compact version of the DuraFlow nozzle for less rigorous applications. The DuraFlow Mini nozzle weights about half of the full-sized DuraFlow nozzle, yet its performance and durability in high temperatures is not compromised.

industrial wash down nozzle
DuraSpray industrial wash down nozzle

The DuraSpray industrial and commercial hot water nozzle is designed for hanging applications. This industrial spray nozzle is commonly found over sinks and production lines to spray hot water from overhead mounts. These applications include meatpacking and meat preparation, dairy processing, oil refinery applications, and commercial restaurant and kitchen. DuraSpray industrial spray nozzles has a locking device to prevent accidental spraying and variable spray patterns adjustable by the amount of pressure applied to the trigger mechanism. This nozzle is perfect for any industrial or commercial setting.

washdown spray nozzle
Standard washdown spray nozzle

The Standard SuperKlean nozzle is used by many of the world’s largest food, beverage, and pharma plants and factories as their #1 choice in industrial spray nozzles. The Standard nozzles are available with brass, stainless steel, or adonized aluminum construction and are designed to excel in harsh, hot, and chemical environments. These heavy duty hose nozzles are long lasting and durable with rear mounted levers to reduce hand fatigue and offer smooth lever action to minimize the rigors of hours of usage.

hot water nozzle
Standard Lite hot water nozzle

The Standard Lite nozzle is the compact version of our Standard nozzle. Despite weighing a mere 1.25 lbs, this Lite nozzle provides up 96% of the flow rate of its larger sibling, the SuperKlean Standard nozzle. Our Standard Lite nozzle has the same, heavy duty industrial strength and rugged features that hundreds of the world’s largest industrial plants and factories worldwide have come to expect from SuperKlean. If you have an application that requires a reliable, lightweight hot water nozzle, the SuperKlean Standard ‘Lite’ industrial water gun is a perfect choice.

Thermosmart insulated water nozzle
Thermosmart insulated water nozzle

SuperKlean’s Thermosmart nozzles feature easy to read, fully digital readouts that change color depending on temperature, providing instant feedback to the operator without having to modify spray positioning. In addition, these digital readouts are built to withstand years of heavy usage without degrading or breaking. This nozzle is especially helpful for applications that require varying washdown temperatures or processes. The Thermosmart nozzle is designed with similar construction as the Standard nozzle and features the same long lasting durability and reliability consistent with all SuperKlean hot water nozzles.

SuperKlean is a well-known and trusted supplier to Fortune 1000 companies and strives for continuous improvement of their full line of washdown products, ensuring their heavy duty industrial nozzles, adapters, and other washdown products are equipped for long-lasting functionality in environments that demand continuous operation and trusted performance. Please visit to find the industrial spray nozzle that is right for you or give SuperKlean a call directly at 650-375-7001 to learn more. Whatever your washdown nozzle application requires, we will have the correct heavy duty hose nozzle for you!

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