SuperKlean’s Got the Goods – Good Product Inventory That Is!

Our One Year In Advance Inventory Planning Has SuperKlean Warehouses Filled … We Are Shipping Our Industrial Hot Water Products Same Day!

Shipping delays threaten inventory levels yet again.
Cargo ships in a traffic jam off the coast of California.

Looking back, it seems as though there has been ongoing chaos and unexpected problems lately. Most recently, America has been faced with a massive halt in distribution, with massive container ships sitting off America’s coasts delaying deliveries and emptying shelves. But, as always, America’s distribution channels, dependable industrial plants, and driven manufacturers will find a way to keep the flow of essential items to our fellow citizens going strong.  

With some careful and wise advance planning, SuperKlean has done its part. We normally keep fully stocked inventory in both of our North American warehouses, holding at least six months of inventory on almost every Industrial Hot Water Washdown product we design and manufacture. That inventory cost burden certainly has added to our overhead over the years, but, in conjunction with exceptional products and service, this has paid off with a happy and loyal

distribution channel, and thankful plant and factory managers. In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, SuperKlean had the foresight to dramatically increase our inventory at the same time industrial factories and plants were in successive phases of shutdown. We strategically increased from our normal 6 month reserve inventory stock to much higher inventory levels. That pre-planning has now given us the capability to continuously ship virtually every SuperKlean product same day or next day! If you are experiencing delays with other washdown manufacturers like Streamline Valves, or other suppliers, please contact us for the exact crossover sanitation washdown SKU that will be equivalent or even better than the ones you have been purchasing.

Here is a short list: SuperKlean’s extensive inventory in our two North American warehouses include SuperKlean’s renowned and award-winning Steam Hose Stations and Hot and Cold Water Mixing Valves, featuring a wide assortment of DuraMix 8000 Steam & Cold Water Mixers and our 3600 Series Hot and Cold Water Mixers

hpt and cold water mixing station
Steam and cold water mixing station, and hot and cold water mixing station.
Industrial spray nozzles
SuperKlean’s top heavy duty water guns.

SuperKlean also provides ‘same-day-shipping’ of our vast line of industrial spray nozzles and heavy duty water guns that fulfill every industrial factory and plant need. These heavy duty hose nozzles and hot water nozzles are used and trusted by some of the world’s largest food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies. SuperKlean’s superior washdown hose products have been shipping same or next day for over 25 years, and feature SuperKlean’s industry leading hose swivel fittings. These hose swivel adapter products incorporate the world’s sturdiest O-ring construction and are designed with extra length, enabling the hose to be double-banded, which is a must for maximum, industrial hot water hose safety characteristics. SuperKlean only manufactures and sells premium hot water hose products.

Whether you have low quantity or high quantity needs for best-in-class industrial sanitation products, now or in the future, please give us a call to let us know both your short term and long term requirements. SuperKlean’s  dedicated Premier Service Team is ready to assist you in all your hot water washdown needs in 2021, and for the many years to come!

For more information on SuperKlean’s full line of hot water sanitation products, please visit Or, for immediate technical assistance on what specific products might be best for your application, please contact Dana Rudy, SuperKlean’s Sales Manager, directly at 949-576-5679, or any member of our team at 1-800-769-9173.

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